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Going Vegan


(vegan pizza recipes here)

Last night Mike and I watched Vegucated on Netflix. It’s an eye opening movie, and not for the weak stomach.  Vegucated follows 3 New Yorkers as they experiment with a vegan diet. Not only does it focus on the health benefits, but also the impact the demand for meat and dairy has on animals and the environment.

Most of the movie is pretty censored, but there are some pretty awful parts… like when they show male chicks being ground alive, simply because they are male and won’t produce eggs. Pretty disturbing how animals are treated on today’s farms in order to keep up with American consumption and the impact these animals have on our environment.

I always thought veganism was for the crazy hippie lady, but now I have a different view.

I don’t think I will ever be fully vegan, I love cheeses, eggs, meat and fish. And there’s nothing like a gooey cheesy pizza or bacon and eggs. But, I do think there are ways to make more responsible choices. Knowing where my food comes from, how the animals treated and simply by consuming less. I plan on adding much more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and researching more ethical meat and dairy sources.

This may be a controversial topic, as we do live in a huge fishing community. And this isn’t the first vegan GMG post, but I am interested in your thoughts. Are you vegan? Have you seen the movie or other similar movies? What restaurants in the area offer vegan menu options?  Where do you shop for vegan foods?

Restaurants/Stores feel free to post a link to your vegan options. Local farms tell us what you do differently…