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Susan McGee asks About Vegetarian Restaurant offerings Around Gloucester For her Visit


Hello Joey,

How lucky I am to have stumbled upon your Interactive Eats page!  Great work!  I could use some of your help, if you have a few minutes. 

I have enjoyed several trips to Gloucester with visiting friends (we are in Salem, NH).  Very soon my family will be visiting and we want to explore Gloucester during the Schooner Festival.  We have an 87 year old Mom with us, so we are limited in speed and distance for walking.  We are planning to get to Gloucester early, and base ourselves around the Harbor Loop, take the water taxi for some easy water time to view the schooners, and go to different locations in Gloucester in the water taxi. 

Here is where I need your help – Do you know of any good places to eat that have at least a few vegetarian dishes?  While I am a huge seafood fan, one person is not, so ideally there is a place with good seafood and other options for vegetarians as well.  My plan is to park at Harbor Loop.  Hopefully we will find suitable parking if we get there early enough.  Maybe the water taxi goes to some great place within the harbor?

In the meantime, I will go through all the listings in your map and check out their menus.  Just thought you might know of something off the top of your head.  Thanks so  much for putting the map together!

Susan McGee

Anyone have some good suggestions for Susan?  Pipe right up in the comment section of this post.