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Another weird photo from France

The person underneath looks like he’s pointing at the horses and saying, “What’s up with these guys? Did I miss a joke or something?” Taken at Les Invalides during my vacation in Paris. – Fr. Matthew Green

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Memories of Paris

More scrumptiousness from my recent vacation in Paris… the Eiffel Tower at night. No tripod, zero retouching. Have I mentioned how much I love this camera? – Fr. Matthew Green

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“What are you lookin’ at?”

Another Parisian gargoyle photo for Halloween… Looks like he’s shouting at the tourists: “Hey, what are you lookin’ at?” My best gargoyle photo from this vacation will be up tomorrow on Halloween itself. – Fr. Matthew Green  

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Gargoyles enjoying the view?

Another gargoyle photo from my vacation, in the spirit of Halloween. It looks like they’re watching a football game or something. These are on Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. – Fr. Matthew Green  

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Unhappy gargoyle

Is he nauseated, or just bored?  I shot this photo at the Abbey of Solesmes in France, during my recent vacation. – Fr. Matthew Green  

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Representing at the Arc de Triomphe

- Fr. Matthew Green

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Parisian Light

I have lots of photos to bring back to Gloucester… Around 700 so far, I think. It will take me a while to get them all adjusted and processed, but here’s another sample, from inside the church of St. Sulpice.

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Greetings from France

Greetings from France! This is the famous Abbey of Solesmes, in the area of Sarthe, west of Paris. I was here for two days, soaking in their amazing Gregorian Chant (and taking photos of the monastery buildings and gardens), before … Continue reading

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Photos from a Gloucester photographer

I’ve been mostly staying indoors for over a week to get over a cold, so I don’t have many new photos of Gloucester itself ready to post. So, these are not photos of Gloucester, but they are still relevant because … Continue reading

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Eating In Italy- The Slide Show

Click here to view the slide show No, I didn’t eat all of it but I gave it my best.  Here are the food photos I took along the way.

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Getting My Bhudda On At Red Rock Canyon With The Rabbit

You would think I might have been relaxed by looking at the first picture but due to my extreme fear of heights my heart was beating about a million beats per second. Take a good look at that mellon on … Continue reading

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Representing in Orlando, FL

I just got back from vacation in Florida. I meant to bring my GMG logo sticker with me to take a photo “representing”, but sure enough, I couldn’t find it when I packed my bags… so I got this photo … Continue reading

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Hotel Tortuga- Playa del Carmen


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Eating in Playa del Carmen

At the risk of jinxing us I have to say one of the most pleasant surprises about Playa del Carmen has been the dining experiences. At every place we’ve eaten be it fancy dinner, casual lunch or breakfast everything has … Continue reading

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Surfing at Good Harbor

I’ve been taking a break from posting recently because I was on my Gloucester vacation and totally took advantage of it by disconnecting myself from the world. It was wonderful! Here are some surf pics. I still need a lot … Continue reading

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Story Land 2010

Well I had one day off in June and two in July- the Fourth and yesterday, a family day up at Story Land.  As soon as I got home from work on Saturday night we packed up the girls and … Continue reading

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Siesta Key Beach Zen 5/5/10

Click here For The HD Version

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