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Info on The Second USS Gloucester From Bill Hubbard


Bill forwards this info-

USS Gloucester – PF-22
Following here shakedown cruise in June 1944 she was employed in training Frigate crews at Galveston, TX.  On June 16 she was attached to Escort Division 38 and later ordered to the Alaskan Sea Frontier for transfer to Russia under Lend-Lease legislation.
Leased to the Soviets on Sept. 1945 and renamed EK-26 she served as a patrol vessel in the Far East.  Gloucester was returned to the US at Yokosuka, Japan in Oct. 1949.
Recommissioned in US Navy 11 Oct.1950, she served patrol and anti-submarine duty during the invasions of Winson, Korea and saw combat there, destroying gun emplacements.  On November, 1951 while engaging shore batteries off Kojo she took a direct hit which killed one and injured 11 of her crew.  Following repairs in Japan, she returned to Korean waters and continued effective support of UN forces on shore.  She was decommissioned in Japan 1 Oct.1953 and transferred to Japan in 1962 and served as Tsuge(PF-292).  She was decommissioned on 31 March 1968 and returned to US custody the same time.  Her fate is unknown
Note: from public domain, Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships