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Something Strange Going On Here

something strange going on

I went for a walk with Brenda Malloy out beyond the Retreat House to the place we call “Evelyn’s Point”, where Evelyn Howe died.  During the walk we encountered some very strange things that neither of us had ever seen before.  From a distance, the tidal pool looked like it was ringed with dried salt, but on closer inspection, it was some kind of white fiberous stuff.  We also found pure white crab and lobster shells.  And then there was the large cityscape looking thing on the horizon again, different from what I saw the other day – larger and more defined, and definitely not a cloud formation.  Charlie Carroll said he thought what I saw the other day was a mirage.  I don’t know what this is.  Does anyone have any ideas, or have you seen any of these things before?  I think we’re being invaded by UFO’s.

UPDATE:  I think I’ve discovered what the UFO is.  It is actually an IFO (identified floating object), the Excelerate Northeast Gateway Floating LNG Terminal, which you normally can’t see from here unless the visibility conditions are just right, or maybe as Charlie Carroll said, we are seeing its mirage.   We sailed past it last summer on Tom Robinson-Cox’s Triad, and the thing was masssive.

The Excelerate Northeast Gateway deepwater port is a ship that is three football fields long, a football field wide, with its own helicopter landing pad, and carries enough natural gas to heat 21,000 average New England homes for a year. It cost $250 million, weighs 200 million pounds, and is powered by 36,000 horsepower worth of engines that drive the ship and warm liquid gas to vapor — and can also produce electricity equivalent to the demand of 11,000 homes.

Northeast Gateway is said to be as environmentally friendly and have the minimum environmental footprint possible, through technologies that recover waste heat, function like a catalytic converter removing pollutants from exhaust, and virtually eliminate the need for using sea water in the vaporization process.

I still wonder what is causing those white crab and lobster shells and very sickly looking tidal pool.


Here is a great photo of the Excelerate taken by Donna Ardizzoni from Manchester, all lit up and more clearly visible as what it is.

excelerate donna ardizzoni photo

E.J. Lefavour

Chickity Check It!- The Ghosts, Sea Monsters, and UFOs of Gloucester, MA Travel Blog

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Cute little hot dog cart with a flowerbox near the Fisherman Memorial

I didn’t do my research on Gloucester’s haunted places before we went on our Canada/New England cruise  last year. I figured we’d take an excursion to Salem the day we docked there. Alas, we didn’t do the Salem route and instead spent part of the day walking around Gloucester.

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Check out Haunt Jaunts- A Travel Blog For Restless Spirits Piece On G-Town Here