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Another Reported Turkey Attack On Eastern Point


Judith Monteferrante Writes~ Same bird attacked my car near Beauport on Eastern Point and now traveling to the Enclave to check out my bird feeders. Lonesome devil! Always alone! Judith

Photos sent in by Judith Monteferrante

Sista Felicia~ He was originally walking with 4 other turkeys on field of grass when we first noticed them on our way to the breakwater for a walk.  As we drove past the field leaving Eastern Point, the aggressive Turkey left his friends in the grassy field and attacked our truck.  It was a crazy scene, one like you see on TV.  with hidden camera crews filming undercover.  I didn’t want to hurt the bird, but every time I tried to drive away it chased and pecked the sides of the truck and its tires.  When we  finally managed to drive away from the aggressive turkey he chased us from behind…It was an experience we will be talking about for awhile….so many laughs!