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When driving by this very talented artist, you want to pull over and look at these beautiful pieces of art made from used metal.  Notice the utters on the cow.

Tuna mailbox and the Dragon

Happy Halloween

Love the pumpkin in the mouth

Horses made from Horseshoes

Clever Cow

Fish On and Lots of Family Fun to be Had!

We’ve been told that there is already one fish on….to be coming for weigh in at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort later this afternoon….and there is tons of fun to be had!  Get on down to this year’s Bluefin Blowout!

Here is today’s schedule of events (and Saturdays as well):

FRIDAY | JULY 28 – Family Fun Friday (Open to Public All Day)

1:00 PM– 5:00 PM – Family Fun: Tons of fun with games, prizes, and much more for all ages!

2:00 PM – Watermelon Eating Contest!

3:00 PM – “Harpoon” Toss

6:00 PM – Weigh In Opens

7:00 PM – MINI Peabody Rally | Meet at MINI of Peabody @ 6:00 PM, or join us at Cape Ann Marina! CLICK HERE TO RSVP

9:00 PM – Weigh In Closes Boats weighing fish must be past the designated checkpoint buoys and committee boats no later than 9:00PM.

8:00-11:00 PM – Live music: Grits & Grocery | http://www.gritsandgroceriesorchestra.com

SATURDAY | JULY 29 – Family Fun Continues & Cornhole Tournament

10:00 AM – VIP Bloody Mary Brunch (By Invitation Only)

10:00 AM – Porsche Nashua Rally

11:00- 3:00 PM Cornhole tournament, and family fun

12:00 PM – 92.5 The River Street Team arrives

2:00 PM – Weigh In Opens.

4:30 PM – Weigh In Closes when last tuna is weighed. Boats weighing fish must be past the designated checkpoint buoys and committee boats no later than 4:30PM. 

6:00 PM – Closing Ceremonies

6:30PM – Dinner Served

*Spectator Tickets For Dinner Available On Site LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE*   

Contact: Cidalia Schwartz | cschwartz@lyonwaugh.com | 978-532-8312

7:00 PM – Live Auction Begins

8:00 PM – Silent Auction Closes/Tournament Ends


Fun Guaranteed. Giant Tuna Expected. Bluefin Blowout 2017.

This is, without a doubt, the place to be this weekend…starting early this afternoon. Check out the schedule of events in the first few photos below.  Wednesday night’s private event was fantastic…and last night’s Captains’ Party was no joke at all.

Be certain to come down at some point, have a great time, and maybe bid on some auction items to help raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association! The Lyon-Waugh Auto Group has gone all out and, as always, Cape Ann’s Marina Resort is the perfect venue.

Captains and crews left the docks late last night or early this morning and hopefully some large tuna will be landed later today.

“Kelly Ann”–Fisherman catches First Tuna–Eats the Heart

A fisherman on the “Kelly Ann” was fishing for haddock, but instead caught a 800 lb. tuna.  The Tradition is that you must eat your first tuna’s heart.

_2015_08_27_068514    _2015_08_27_068518


IMG_3288    IMG_3291

IMG_3294    _2015_08_27_068589

Wicked Tuna–Capt. Bill Muniz of The “Lilly” Lands a Big One

Captain Muniz the Gloucester star on Wicked Tuna, lands a Tuna the hard way with a harpoon, just like his Portuguese ancestors from the Azores.  Also see Capt. Muniz prepare his tools of the trade.

Muniz Fish



The Move…

I can’t begin to thank Capt Pete Mondello enough for his recommendation for the cryovaced (spelling?) frozen 8 oz portions of tuna at Market Basket for $6.50 per lb.  Also available at Stop and Shop.  Get the little container of real wasabi too.

So you get a portion, leave it out for a couple hours to thaw, cut open the package carve off a slice, spread on a little wasabi and drizzle soy sauce.  I stuffed myself with about 6.5 ounces.  Straight lean protein.  Delicious.  No Brainer city.

Tuna, Truro, Magnolia, and the Fish Stick

Fred Bodin Submits-

From the (Martha’s) Vinyard Gazette, circa 1951: ” John Sweek of Queen’s, NYC, secretary to a magistrate in his home city, is shown at left with his companions, Robert Collinson from Provincetown and John Kohr of Magnolia, with three tuna caught on rod and reel near the Truro shore in Provincetown Harbor. The fishermen had their best luck with blue atom plugs and squid as bait.” These are definitely surf casting fishermen. Just look at the bare feet, rolled up trousers, and 4 wheel drive Jeep.


I met John Kohr and his wife Esther (1914–2007) while she and I worked at Endicott College in Beverly. The was something about her that was vaguely aristocratic, but in an old fashioned gracious American way. I now know that she grew up in Provincetown and Truro. In fact, her ship captain uncle sailed in the China Trade, and another ancestor commanded a ship for the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and built the oldest still standing house in Truro. Previous ancestors came here on the Mayflower and established Truro. Husband John Kohr (1911–1999) was a graduate of MIT and invented an amazing product while he worked for Gorton’s: The Fish Stick!

Poll: Joey’s Lunch vs Ed’s Lunch- Who Ya Got For The Win?

Joey’s Lunch


Ed’s Lunch


The outcome of our completely scientific poll will speak volumes about our readership.

Brianmoc Video- Blue Fin Tuna Fishing off Gloucester MA 9/28/11 bluefin tuna 76 inch giant & two fish in two days.

I dare you to watch this video and not get emotionally invested in the outcome!

Brian writes-

Fishing Off Gloucester MA for blue fin tuna is becoming fun. This is the second Fish out of three trips but its not easy. The captain of this boat has been a quick study and thanks to that we got this 275 pound Blue fin that only took 50 min to get in. This shows the how to fish for blue fin tuna are way so in enjoy.

Check out Brian’s site here- www.brianmoc.com

153 Miles and and 18 Hour Steam Dave Jewell and Crew Land Two Fat Bluefin Tuna

Heading out a couple of days ago Dave and his crew head out for an 18 hour steam of  153 miles to catch themselves a nice pay day. One 800 lber and one 650 these tuna will command a nice price in Japan.

When Dave headed out he was a bit nervous because where they have to go to catch these fish it’s a long way out and there’s no place to run and hide if a storm whips up.  It is where there are warm ocean currents and cold water intersecting and it can produce nasty storms seemingly out of the blue and without much warning.

Video coming tomorrow






Jay Albert From Cape Ann Images Got Some Great Shots of The Tuna Being Offloaded Check Out His Blog For More Here

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