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Mondello Boys Slide Show Featuring Joe, Pete and Geno

Entering tags on each photo I upload to flickr is sometimes a painstaking process but when you think about the sheer number of photos taken (say 100,000 or more) there would be absolutely no way to ever locate a particular photo without going through all 100,000 photos unless you have each one tagged with an identifying name.

It is through this tagging system that I can locate and isolate certain photos. It may be painstaking but the archive of photos from Gloucester and of my family that I can access with a few clicks of the keyboard are pretty remarkable.

Click the Picture for the Mondello Boys Gloucester Waterfront Slideshow

Click the picture for the Mondello Boys Slide Show

Joe Mondello Readies The Boat To Go Lobstering

You see how the traps are all set along the outside rail of the boat?  Joe is going to set out some gear today. This is a ten pot trawl and all those traps are connected by a ground line with buoys at each end to mark where the traps are set in the ocean so when he goes back out he can find them by looking for his specially painted buoys.

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