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So I’m Going Through The Blogroll in the Right Hand Column and…

So I’m going through the GMG Blogroll (a list of links) in the right hand column of the blog (for those who subscribe and get the email version go to www.goodmorninggloucester.com  and you can see what I’m talking about) and I start clicking through the list of links.

I hadn’t gone through the list for a while but what I found was that a huge number of the blogs that I link to in the GMG Blogroll either haven’t been updated in over a year or don’t even exist any more.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter how fantastic the content you create, there are a bazillion other websites out there that you are competing for eyeballs with.  Many people think you can just create a website, register a domain and then magically a million people know about your blog and are anxious to find you.  Well for probably 99.5% of people who start blogs my guess is that after pouring your heart and soul into it for a while and if it doesn’t pick up steam you look at your stats and it could be disheartening and you lose the drive to update it.  Thud.  End of story.

This isn’t to discourage anyone from starting a blog, but rather to celebrate the ones who have been doing it for a while and have kept at it.

This brings me to my buddy Bowsprite who I discovered back in the first months of creating GMG.  How I found her and Marty’s son Brian and Bowsprite’s buddy Tugster was through a search for like minded bloggers who were blogging about industrial boats.  They were all located in NY.

Monkeyfist (seated and facing away) Bowsprite and Tugster Visit Gloucester

Posted on November 17, 2009 by Joey C


Our Marty Luster actually moved here after a two or three day visit to Gloucester with his blogging son Brian (Marty wasn’t a part of GMG yet)  whose blog A Movable Bridge hasn’t been updated in far too long.

But Bowsprite has kept at it.

My dream is to have her up here and take over one of the months at the Goettemann residency on Rocky neck so she could illustrate Gloucester’s industrial ships and share her deep love for Industrial waterfronts with us.  I’ve even written on her behalf to the selection committee but it hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe some day.

Anyway, Kudos To Bowsprite for keeping at it.  You really ought to check out here site, her stories and her illustrations.  She’s one of my favs and an incredibly kind soul.

Check out her waterbog here-

Bowsprite: A New York Harbor Sketchbook


and this from here visit to the dock to take a dip in Gloucester Harbor-

Bowsprite’s November Gloucester Harbor Swim 11/16/09

Posted on November 16, 2009 by Joey C

Bowsprite is an artist and blogger from the sixth borough in NY.  Check out her incredible nautical illustrations by clicking this text

Who drives up from New Yawk to jump in Gloucester’s inner harbor for a leisurely swim in mid-November?  Bowsprite, that’s who.


All It Takes Is One Visit Posted  November 29, 2009 by Joey C

Welcome To Gloucester Marty! Posted on May 14, 2010 by Joey C

More From Tugster (Gloucester From A New Yorkah’s Perspective)


Road Fotos 26

November 28, 2012 in arts, gallivant, Massachusetts, photos | Tags: Cape Ann, Fitz Henry Lane, Good Morning gloucester, Gordon W. Thomas, tugster

Three years ago when I visited Cape Ann, I returned obsessed with ideas about edifices and erections . . .  no no not what you think.  For a spell I toyed with efforts to grow ideas of erecting lights in the sixth boro like this . . . until I concluded–at the time–that our fair harbor already has its light. . . yet I’m ambivalent about the finality of that answer.

I like Gloucester’s unique reinvention of the tradition of a tree with lights, a genuine community effort, building the tree while building a community.

click here for the whole entry and photos

Chickity Check It! Tugster Does Gloucester


hi joey–

sorry we didn’t meet up, but our stay was fantastic.  causeway A+, seaprt grille A+, vista motel A+.  my wife elizabeth used to live on atlantic road one summer and we went back there, she’d never walked around halibut point so i showed her, i’d never gone into bearskin neck. 

i had to be in class by 430 pm monday, so after walking to a viewing point of thatcher island off old penzance road, we got under way south and west. 

i put this post up–http://tugster.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/road-fotos-24/–   and will put some others up this week. 

Road Fotos 24

November 26, 2012  | I lived near Cape Ann for most of the last 15 years of the 20th century,  and have to get back now and then.

Few places in the US are as connected to the water as Cape Ann, whether it be churches in Gloucester,

Click here for the rest of the post

Bowsprite and Will Represent! In NOLA


i hope you’re well.

christina and i explored nola last weekend, and here are some souvenir fotos for you/GMG.

cheers, will

My friends from NY represent!  Chistina (Bowsprite) I hope to see you get one of the residencies on Rocky Neck this summer.  I can only imagine what you would do with Gloucester’s boats and waterfront.

Check out her site Bowsprite

An example of some of Chistina’s working waterfront illustrations-

Uhm, something just doesn’t seem right here. Smile



Also pictured is Will (Tugster) who is obsessed with tugboats.  Chickity Check out Will’s waterblog here


Chickity Check It- tugster: a waterblog

Deeply saddened By My New Yawk Blogging Buddies Who Bailed On What I Thought Was A Perfect Plan For Them To Come Up For Schooner Festival.

But Alas I can still Check Out Their Awesome Blogs-


Will tells me that The Homie In The last picture of this post got lost on his way from G-Town

who just happens to look like a J. Crew model with an iPad

Paul F. Frontiero, are you asleep at the wheel? Why haven’t you posted this? I am posting this out of my normal 2 PM deadline to bring you breaking news. Heather Atwood front page of “Food For Thought” has an article about Mr Joey Ciaramitaro. Oh shoot. Joey already posted this yesterday. But I think it needs to be bumped to the top again with a special underlining of the J. Crew comment.

Since it is old news I’ll add a bit more of potpourri leftovers that don’t quite make the cutoff of deserving of their own article in GMG.

1) Anyone know what’s up with Mr and Mrs Bathroom sign designating the entrance to Rockport? As marker to the beginning of summer they are usually up by mid May. Sandy, or the Rockport fairies, need to get on the stick.

2) Lattof Farm Stand (across the street from the missing signs) will be all freshly baked monkey bread opening June 25th. I will post photos of my face like a well fed hamster when I find the monkey bread.

3) Can anyone believe how toasty the water is around Cape Ann? 57F is bathwater. Jump in and lets hope this warm water doesn’t draw too much of a crowd.

4) It’s a small world after all. Or Good Morning Gloucester and our fearless leader just knows everyone up and down the east coast. Case in point: Fishing with an old friend off Woods Hole Last week and he told me the name of the tug boat he was on. He’s been based out of New York City for years. Googled the “Lincoln Sea” and where do I end up but a familiar blog, “The Tugster” who has been up to see Joey. Nice photo of the Lincoln Sea on his blog then another link I am checking out a drawing of the smaller Davis Sea on Bowsprite’s blog.

Tugster photo of three K-Sea tugs, the Lincoln is the big one.
Bowsprite drawing of the smaller Davis Sea in the above photo.

I knew he worked on tug boats but I was thinking more the quaint little dudes, not the tall monster that is the Lincoln Sea. It pushes DBL140 around so it needs a tall perch to look over that big barge.

A quick search of GMG one can find a video of Bowsprite in a bikini jumping in the water off the Capt Joe dock. Not sure what time of the year but I do not think it was bathwater. If you are male and have a pulse you will search.

Bowdin Historic Photo Authentic Tugboat Mast Light

Spoke with Fred Bodin yesterday from Bodin Historic Photo on Main street in Gloucester’s Historic and Beautiful West End. 

He is selling items from a tugboat captain who had collected loys of beautiful marine artifacts over the years.  This nice sized piece is only $70 and would add some lovely decor to any nautically themed room in yout house.

video with Fred coming tomorrow morning

Fred would also like to send a shout out to his sister barbara Bodin on the Vineyard.  What up sista!

I bet Tugster would like one of these

Bowdin Historic Photo Authentic Tugboat Mast Light, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Tugboat Independence Gloucester Ma April 20,2010

If you like tugboats or anything to do with tugboats you should check out my pal Tugster’s Blog here.

I shot this video yesterday.  For those of you with a quick internet connection or the patience to let the video load before playing it, the HD version of this video is here

Otherwise you can play the lower resolution one by clicking the arrow below.

Monkeyfist (seated and facing away) Bowsprite and Tugster Visit Gloucester

What a great visit I had from water bloggers From The North and South over the past few days.

Yesterday we went by Charlie’s Place for a great breakfast in which they all took turns mispronouncing linguica. 🙂

Many of you saw the lovely Bowsprite take her harbor swim in the cold Gloucester harbor water yesterday and know I’m a huge fan of her artwork.

Also along for the big waterblogger meet-up was Monkeyfist and Tugster.  I’ve been reading their blogs for a long while now and what is absolutely insane to me is that I never knew that Monkeyfist is actually a woman.  I had assumed that she was a he.

Tugster and Bowsprite hail from New York’s sixth borough (Tugster’s term for the Waters of New York) and Monkeyfist comes from Maine and does the awesome CascoBayBoaters blog. You can see Tugster’s blog here

They are all fantastic and if you like GMG you should really check out what these birds are doing.

Of Bloggers From Far Away Places

I’ve had the pleasure to hang out with Brian Luster and his dad Marty from A Moveable Bridge.  We went to breakfast yesterday and got to talk blogging and boats and breakfast and food and all kinds of other good stuff like the difference between “partners” and girlfriends and how some people call their long time girlfriends partners even though they’re not gay.

I discovered Brian’s blog last year after Schooner Festival when I had done an interview with some of the crew members on the Lettie G Howard.  There are a group of bloggers from New York who are a pretty incestuous group.  They all post on each other’s blogs and have similar interests.  (sort of the way I comment on Jay, Kathleen and Steve B’s blogs)

Well here are some of the New York Waterfront Bloggers blogs that I think you ought to know about because they post some pretty interesting stuff that is similar to what we’re doing up here in Gloucester.  I normally wouldn’t give these fucking New York people the time of day (especially given their propensity to root for the Yankees, Jets and Giants).  But since I’ve met Brian and Marty and they seem like regular folk just like us I’ll give ’em a pass on the whole Evil Empire thing.

I’m hoping Brian can organize a field trip of sorts with these New York waterfront bloggers for next year’s Schooner Festival so I can get to meet them and host them for a Beer and Blog event.

Check out these blogs if you get a chance, if you like what we do here on GMG you ought to dig the New York versions too (even if they are FUCKING NEW YORKERS).