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Cape Ann Thrift Shop

Earlier I mentioned that there is another Gloucester thrift shop near St. John’s Thrift Shop, and with similar hours.  It’s the Cape Ann Thrift Shop, 70 Middle St., associated with the Trinity Congregational Church.

IMG_4855It’s open Tues.-Fri. 10AM-2PM, and Sat. 10AM-12PM.  It packs a surprising amount of things into a relatively small area!  Items of all kinds can be found, with rooms dedicated to men’s clothes, women’s clothes, kitchen items, glass and china, and books (although many other items can also be found throughout the store). I didn’t notice if there was also furniture for sale, but I suspect there may be at least some.  The prices are very thrifty indeed – I got two belts and a small crock pot “dipper” (more for heating dips and sauces than for making soup), all in practically new condition, for $7.  Because of the cramped quarters, I had to take lots of photos to show the kind of inventory you can find. Here’s a slideshow:

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It’s impressive to see all that and remember that these church-affiliated thrift stores are run by volunteers, who sort, clean, categorize, and label all these things! Kudos to all the volunteers who help make these stores possible.

Matthew Green