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W. White Clay Pipe Found in 285 Feet Of Water

Here’s some more pictures of the clay pipe that Dave Jewell got up in his lobster gear.  He thinks the pipe must have been secured in a box that busted open during last weeks coastal storm because the pipe was in such good condition.

W. White Clay Pipe Found in 285 Feet Of Water

This white clay pipe came up in Dave Jewell’s gear when hauling lobster traps in 285 feet of water.  It has an inscription that says W. White on it.  Video at 9:00AM

Cuckoo Charlie and His Quest For Gold

This is Charlie.

Charlie believes he knows where there is a sunken treasure off of Manchester that holds $500,000,000 dollars worth of gold. He believes this and will start his quest to find this gold once he has this boat ready.

Good luck Charlie. I hope you find it.

So you can laugh at everyone that calls you nuts behind your back.

Cukoo Charlie and His Quest For Gold, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

side note: If Charlie ever corners you in a bar for a conversation, run like the dickens. If he get’s your ear you’re doomed. Run. Trust me on this one.  Charlie is a nice guy but he tends to talk right up in your grill in about ten decibels higher than your normal human being.