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Herring Boat Transvac Nozzle

This is the nozzle that gets lowered down into the hold to suck the herring out.  Note the round connections.  That is a pretty standard size for these transvacs and interchange for quick connecting and disconecting in the event that more hose is needed or if they need to reconfigure the set up.

Herring Boat Transvac Sucker, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Herring Boat Transvac- Giant Fish Vacuum

Here is a herring boat Transvac.  It is used to suck the herring out of the holds of the huge boats.  A vacuum is created between the fish and salt water and they get sucked out of the boat and onto the dock.  Thse transvac units are sometimes mounted on trailers and transported up and down the coast as the herring migrate up and down.  Some are mounted on the boats themselves.  Bottom line is that this fishing industry innovation has saved a ridiculous amount of work when fishermen used to have to bale the fish out using dip nets and winches and a whole lot of back work.

The Old Empire Fish

The Old Empire Fish, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

This fish company used to employ many many workers in this huge building. Now through innovations in the fishing industry like Transvac Herring pumps and herring conveyor hoppers, hundreds of thousands of pounds of fish can be unloaded in the fish company by two people. The herring plant here on Harbor loop operates with two, count em two employees. Incredible.

Pump Hose Attatchment

This is the piece of equipment that attaches to the huge hoses that suck the herring from the holds of the herring boats. They add water to the fish and it creates a vacuum which sucks the herring out using the Transvac and pumps the herring into tanker trucks ashore.

DSC01201, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

This is a Transvac-

Transvac Herring Pump