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Friday’s Net Tip

As a new GMG reporter I am already starting to run dry of island topics in the start of the winter doldrums. So to fill in on Friday I will supply an internet tip.

Someone out there, maybe a family member, thinks you are a computer guru because you bought something from Amazon. So they e-mail you a really stupid question like what is the address for Amazon or how do you put a stamp on your e-mail.

Here is your response: What is Good Morning Gloucester? << click the link for an example of the trick.

OK, that was pretty nerdy. How did I do it? Easy. The link for that one is:


You can come up with your own by just replacing the ending with the question they asked and putting the plus sign in between. Try it out. Amuse your friends. Or maybe it is just me that is easily amused.

Here is another.

Where Zat? Walker Creek

Walker Creek

Walker Creek

Adam, this week’s winner, wrote “I grew up on and in Walker Creek and kind of know it like the back of my hand. I recognized the short dock right away, but it’s always funny how a telephoto pulls in the background. It took me a little while to convince myself.” He does gorgeous photography at Tragabigzanda.

He wins a gift certificate from Audrey’s Flower Shop. A big thank you to Heather Peterson! Congratulations, Adam!

For those of you who don’t know where Walker Creek is,  it’s at the corner of  Sumner and Concord Streets in W. Gloucester.  Nice bike ride if you can handle the hills. And remember your camera!