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My Ode To Gloucester From Tom Walsh

The water laps upon the shore
And then again recedes
As it shall forevermore
This sea, this sea, this sea
Whose swells have daunted daring men
Whose salt made widows tears
Whose bounty blessed, time and again
Whose force we all should fear
Whose fury pounds our precious land
Whose beauty begets verse
Whose power turns our stones to sand
Reminding us what’s first
Reminding us that none escape
Mother Natures laws
That Father Time is never late
His watch, it has no flaws
And all that comes will one day go
To come right back again
It’s there for all to see, to know
That nothing ever ends
The water laps upon the shore
Then once more starts to flee
The tides that turn, forevermore
Reminding you and me
Some things may inspire, implore
Our spirits to live free
But none quite like the awesome shore
This sea, this sea, this sea