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Playing Hooky

Well I guess I wasn’t the only one playing hooky from mug up on Sunday morning. Look who I ran into at Todd Farm…

Sarah Kelly, The Roving Home at Todd Farm

Our very own Sarah Kelly!  (and her very cool Elton John shades)

Sarah Kelly, The Roving Home, Todd Farm

She had her beautiful Roving Home booth set up with her newest addition; Francie.  Francie was quietly sleeping in the shade and enjoying the fresh air.

Francie, The Roving Home, Sarah Kelly, Todd Farm

I have to say sorry to my fellow GMG peeps. I miss mug up a lot because I have this vintage addiction and feel lost without my Sunday Todd Farm adventures! It’s kinda like crack. 🙂


Todd Farm is Open!!!

For those of you who love a good Flea Market, Todd Farm in Rowley is open again. This, along with all the open fish shacks, is the sign that Spring has truly arrived.

Vintage stuff at ol' Todd Farm Flea Market.

I wrote a post on my blog about flea market fashion after going to Todd Farm yesterday. Here’s one of the stylin’ flea marketers I spied:

Nearly everything she's wearing is vintage flea market stuff. Just after I took this photo she promptly scored a scarf at the next booth. A real pro.

Let me know (email: therovinghome@gmail.com) if you find anything amazing this summer at Todd Farm and I’ll shout it from the rooftops via GMG! Happy hunting!