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Skate Wing Ghosties

Toby Burnham, skipper of the Jupiter II brought in these “Ghosties”  they are actually pieces of the cartilage of a skate wing that are unaltered but look just like characters from Casper The Friendly Ghost.

Skatewing Ghosties, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

This is a skate wing-

Toby Burnham Has A Weird Fetish

Toby loves rotten fish.  Not just regular fish, but he just loves rotten fish.  The more rotten, the better.

Toby Burnham Has A Weird Fetish, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Come down the dock Saturday Morning at 10:00AM to see incredible life sized black and white photos as part of Mark Teiwes’ seARTS Waterfront Portrait  show.  Toby’s portrait is probably my favorite one along with Joe Grillo’s.
it would be nice to see some of my GMG friends come down and say hey!

Toby With His Ladies

Toby With His Ladies, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Toby aboard the stern of his lobster boat the Jupiter II. Toby just re-fiberglassed the setting table and set some cut out playmates in under the clearcoat.

I guess Toby is never going to be lonely out at sea hauling his gear.

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