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We Lost a Friend Of The Blog Last Night- Tim Blakeley

Tim Blakeley has passed.

Tim and his wife Eileen had been a friend of the blog from the very beginning.  He always offered his technical assistance and was way more responsible for making the Gloucester Webcam project happen than I was, being the man on the street doing the installs for next to nothing.  He went around to the businesses and community organizations and charged a tenth of what it should have cost to get the things going for them.  He did this because he loved the idea and wanted to give back.

We had this geeky techie connection in which we could talk about these ideas for hours.  Tim owned Gloucester Bytes a computer repair company and was a member of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

It was the cancer that got him.  Triple header of brain, liver and lung cancer.  Too young.  Way too young.  I’m not sure exactly how old Tim was but it has to be in his 50s.

and here’s the thing-

You know how bad it sucks that we lose someone in their 60s, 50s or 40s?  It sucks terribly.

But Tim was loved.  Every time I saw Tim and Eileen together she was beaming wildly and smiling in adoration of Tim.  They were in love.  and no matter how bad it sucks to lose someone in their 50s like Tim it’s better to pass in your 50s loved than die in your 70s unloved.

Tim had that love from his Eileen.  So he died a rich man.  Rich in love.

My condolences to Tim’s family.  I’ll miss your dry humor that would crack me up every time buddy.

Tim Blakeley on GMG-

Tim Blakeley Gloucester Bytes To The Rescue Once Again

Posted on April 16, 2012 by Joey C

Tim Blakeley Represents! In The Bahamas

Posted on November 21, 2010 by Joey C

Hi Joey,

Representing GMG  @ Atlantis Resort Paradise Island Bahamas.

Tim- Gloucester Bytes Computer


Tim Blakeley Posts on GMG

Tim Blakeley Gloucester Bytes To The Rescue Once Again

There’s a reason I call Tim from Gloucester Bytes when my computers go to hell.  Because the first thing he does is get the right part numbers, goes to the back channels and researches to get  me the cheapest replacement part, he’s reliable, and he’s reasonable with what he charges.

I’m telling you right now- he is THE GUY you should call,if your computer is sluggish he can come in, tune it up and it will be the best money you ever spent on a computer.

Call Tim at 978-886-4624 for your computer repair needs!



Setting Up The Latitude 43 Webcam With Tim Blakeley Of GloucesterBytes

Tim Had The Dropcam Up and Running Within Ten Minutes. 

The Dropcam will be facing Harbor Cove soon.  There are other webcams out there but for ease of use and not having to go in and mess around with ip addresses and a difficult install the Dropcam can’t be beat.

Once Latitude 43 embeds the code that dropcam provides into their website we will direct people when they click on the Lat 43 webcam screenshot to the Lat 43 website where it will reside.  the idea is to give customers a reason to visit the Lat 43 website.  The opportunities to have daily specials or an entertainment schedule on the page where people will land when they click on the link will turn a static web page that doesn’t change into a web page where it is continually streaming with something interesting to look at- Gloucester’s working waterfront or a live band playing at Minglewood Tavern.

Check Out The Lat 43 webcam and the other live webcams we are installing at www.gloucesterwebcam.com

You can also subscribe to be alerted when a new webcam goes live here- Subscribe to www.gloucesterwebcam.com here

We have 19 webcams scheduled to go live within the next two weeks!

Big Time Thanks To Tim Blakeley From Gloucester Bytes For The Webcam Install at Lat 43

After thanking my man Ed Collard, Sista Felicia, BJ and Amanda, Mark McDonough, Jen Amero, Matty Burke, Frank and Joey Ciolino, Terry Weber, Rick Moore, Donna Ardizzoni, Paulie Walnuts,The Rabbit and Thom Falzarano as well as the entire staff at Lat 43 including super chef Zach Sears and Jen Waitkus I’d like to send a special shout out to my  computer guru- Tim Blakeley at Gloucester Bytes.

Here’s his contact info- www.gloucesterbytes.com

Tim overcame some serious technical obstacles and got our webcam up and streaming just in time for the Celebrate Gloucester Show. Here he is setting it up-

Tim Blakeley Installs Lat 43 Webcam


I can tell you without hesitation- if you need computer work done call Tim.  His rates are reasonable and he is always looking for ways to save you money by finding the parts you may need for less money.  But most importantly, he does the job right.