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Thanksgiving Day Plunge @ Thurston Point!

Jennifer L submits-

Hi Joey!

They are at it again…at least it is a little warmer this year. :-)  Thought you would enjoy some pics I just took (most of which I took by holding up my binoculars to my cellphone camera lens…). It’s a little misty on the Annisquam today… 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jennifer L.


Baby Herons and Thurston Point Pics From Jennifer L

Jennifer L writes-

Hi Joey,

I took a few pics this week and thought I’d forward them along – not too shabby considering they were taken with my Samsung Memoir cell phone camera! In the case of the White Heron and baby Herons (and one gull!) on Ram Island, I zoomed my cell camera as far as it would go, and then put the lens up to one of the eyepieces of my binoculars and voila – telephoto lens! The panoramic landscape pic is from my deck on Wheeler Point overlooking the inlet at Thurston Point.

Happy blogging!