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Learn, ig Pay atin Lay oday Tay!

This Instructional Langue Video is brought to you by; SOB FOB Frank Ciolino.

Frank is a complete freak when it comes to the Three Stooges. Believe me, I know personally when he doesn’t get something for Christmas that isn’t Three Stooge related he throws a Hissy Fit. So if any of you have any Three Stooge related items your trying to pawn off, let Frankie Know. You can email me.


This will come in handy someday when we have an influx of Pig Latin speaking People.


Tucker’s Farm Family Diner -Man Versus Food Challenge

Yesterday morning I finally made my way to Tucker’s farm Family Diner in the location of the former iconic Uncle Moe’s.  I’m happy to report that while it is a different owner, the family who runs this establishment have stayed true to affordable home-style cooked meals that  maintain a high level of quality.  Video at 8AM

Tucker’s Farm Family Diner, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Friends Of the Blog (FOBs) Frank and Joey Ciolino called and asked if I could get away for breakfast.  Frank has been touting the Tucker Farm Family Diner for a while but for one reason or another I hadn’t been.  Finally we got our chance and it was a great experience.

Frank and Joey Ciloino Belly Up

Frank and Joey Ciloino Belly Up

Blue collar comfort food done well and priced right.   You gotta love the fact that the folks at Tucker’s Farm Family Diner play the Three Stooges on the TV every Sunday morning at 9AM.
Nicole, daughter of the the owners explained that to date no one has won the Three Stooge Challenge which consists of three pancakes with three dropped eggs in the middle, bacon, toast and homefries.  If it is eaten in entirety- a plaque withe the contestant’s name who finishes it off will be erected in that person’s honor and the meal will be free.  I just know we gotta have a GMG Fan that is up to the challenge.  If we get anyone that thinks they can do it put in a comment here and we will go down next Sunday morning at 9AM when they play the Three Stooges and tape a man versus food segment featuring you trying to take it on.

One Stooge Breakfast At Tucker Farm Family Diner

One Stooge Breakfast At Tucker Farm Family Diner