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Sail on the Schooner Lannon with Celtic Music and a Sunset

Captain Heath Ellis and Michael O’Leary entertain quests on the schooner Thomas E. Lannon with Celtic Music and a brisk sail ending with a great sunset.  A great evening.

Celtic Music on the Thomas E. Lannon – Great Music, Sail, People and Sunset

Captain Tom Ellis took the Thomas E. Lannon out on a glorious sail beyond the breakwater, Celtic singer Michael O’Leary and Friends played music to the delight of everyone on board, many happy faces enjoying the sunset and a welcoming flock of sea gulls as they escorted the Schooner Lannon back home.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 – Program: The Building of the Thomas E. Lannon, Presented by: Captain Tom Ellis

ESM-MuseumLogoB WLannonBuilding5T.E.Lannon(b)_9932TomCelticSail(a)9-21-13_0561

Visionary, Captain and now Documentarian Tom Ellis, presents his program, Building the Thomas E. Lannon (See above.)
Using historic footage meticulously captured by award winning videographer Al Viator, shot as The Will to Build, between Oct. 1, 1996 to June 30, 1997, Tom Ellis has crafted his personal story of the creation of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon from dream to design , through the challenges of construction to the triumphant sail into Gloucester Harbor.

Admission: $8 members, $10 nonmembers

Light refreshments will be served.

For additional information, visit our website: www.essexshipbuildingmuseum.org

Office phone # 978-768-7541

Lannon Ryan and Wood Rum and Old Cuban Cigar Factory Cigar Cruise

My buddy James Eves from Cape Ann Giclee writes in-

Hey Joey,

I can’t thank you enough for spearheading the 2013 Rum and Cigar Cruise on the Lannon. I saw the post on GMG about 6 weeks ago and thought that I should buy a ticket. I yelled from my desk to Anna, “Hey, I think I’ll buy a ticket to the Rum and Cigar Cruise”. She agreed. (lucky for me, my wife, partner and muse encourages me to take time to enjoy the benefits of living in heaven). So, I bought a ticket.

I tried to get some work done today, but really spent most of my time in anticipation of the cruise. I stopped pretending to work at about 4:30 and headed down to the dock at five. I was first on line for the 6:00 cruise and watched the unloading of passengers from the previous sail. I met Mimi, An older woman (she told me her age but made me promise not to reveal her secret). She is from Haverhill, but the highlight of her year, every year, is spending a few weeks in Gloucester. We do live in the best place on earth.

Mimi left and I watched the Lannon crew prep the ship for the next cruise.

After a reasonably short wait they started loading the ship. I walked down the ramp and onto the deck. I was there greeted by a young woman from Old Cuban Cigar Company who handed me two fine cigars. I lit my first one immediately. Once we were all aboard the Captain spoke of safety and what to expect on the cruise around Gloucester harbor. He then introduced the Old Cuban Cigar guy who told us just how fine the cigars we were smoking were. He, in turn, introduced us to Bob Ryan of Ryan & Wood Distillery. Bob and his wife proceeded to dole out rum the likes of which few get to enjoy. 

With the strong smoke and smooth drink my work life faded to a blurry haze. Then I was able to truly appreciate where I was and see the beauty of Gloucester Harbor.

It was a beautiful night with a strong wind. The crowd on the boat were all GMG FOBs so I felt right at home. I was, however a bit disappointed that Joey C wasn’t there. Then I heard some cheers from the back of the boat and then saw Joey arriving in a small inflatable to starboard. “well”, I thought, “the party now begins”. and so it did.

I must say, how grateful I am to you, Joey, for your enthusiasm and the role model you are for those of us in Gloucester who truly strive to grow our community through our business and our lives. I was quite a treat to watch from the bow as you circled the boat and brought the party to life.

It was indeed a beautiful cruise. It felt timeless. 

Once docked there was talk of an after party at Stones. I’d never been. ( I know it odd but I am fairly new to Gloucester.) The party continued there and I could see that the cruise had washed away the hard days work for more that just me.

Wow, What a perfect night, only in Gloucester!!


Honoring David Wonson McLoud With A Photo, Entering of Ashes To Sea Aboard The Thomas E Lannon and a Poem From Our Marty Luster

Emy Saint Amour submits-

I took this with my dad this morning at Good Harbor beach. I love Gloucester, and enjoy your website. If you like this photo feel free to post.


Hi Joey,

Thanks great~ this is Emy’s grandmother, Mary.  Our Wonson/McLoud family members are here on vacation. Tomorrow we are having a memorial service in honor of my brother, David Wonson McLoud. We will be entering his ashes to the sea from the “Thomas E. Lannon.”  Captain Ellis and Kay have been great assisting us with our arrangements.  A reading of Marty Luster’s poem, “The Gift,” will be part of the day.  The poem was first posted last July while we were vacationing here~it told our story.  My brothers and I were born in Gloucester. When we were kids, my parents moved to the Annapolis, Maryland area. Always returning to Gloucester for summers and holidays.  I discovered “Good Morning Gloucester” a couple of years ago~it has become my good night reading.

Emy is 14 and loves photography.  This morning, her father had her up at 5am, sunrise was at 5:34.  What a beautiful Gloucester morning!

Thanks for posting.

Hold Fast ~ Mary McLoud Tucker

Have Your Head Examined If You Don’t Take Advantage of This Thomas E Lannon Mother’s Day Mom Sails Free Deal

Take Mom to the sea! Moms sail on the Schooner Thomas E Lannon in Gloucester, Massachusetts for FREE this Sunday from 1-3pm, so long as she is accompanied by a passenger paying full price.

Mom sails for FREE this Sunday from 1:00-3:00, so long as she is accompanied by a passenger paying full price.
Bundle up and bring Mom for a sail on the Lannon. Or, if you are the Mom, tell someone you want to sail on the Lannon this Sunday.
The forecast for the weekend is improving, though it doesn’t look like it will be as warm as last year. No matter what, it will be FUN!

For Daily Sail Schedule and Charter Information click on the link below


click pic to view interview

click pic to view interview

Fifth graders from the West Parish School took a field trip aboard the Thomas E. Lannon Pics From City Councilor Paul McGeary

City Councilor Paul McGeary forwards-

Fifth graders from the West Parish School took a field trip aboard the Thomas E. Lannon on Tuesday, Oct. 2. All third- and fifth-graders in the Gloucester Schools get the experience, which is funded in part by the City’s Community Development Block Grant Program and in part by each schools PTO. In addition to a two-hour cruise, the youngsters also spend part of their day visiting the Cape Ann Museum to learn about our city’s cultural history.

In photo below, Tom Ellis, skipper of the Lannon, instructs the youngsters in proper shipboard behavior prior to leaving the dock.










What? Another reason to cross the bridge? Yup — local music, food & fun in Boston this Sunday

Yesterday, we told you about local artists at Topsfield Fair and suggested that you go see them (see post here).

This weekend you’ve got another opportunity to see one of our local favorites, Satch Kerans, at the Boston Local Food Festival on Sunday.  Satch is on The River Plug and Play Stage at 1:30pm (see complete festival entertainment schedule here).  If you’ve never seen Satch, check out this video from the Songwriters in the Round series.

Before and after Satch’s set, you can catch the start and finish of the big, Boston version of Gloucester’s Seafood Throwdown (yup, these are the same people who produce the one at the Farmers Market) — and your boy, Peter Van Ness, will emcee once again.

Now for some evening excitement featuring 30 artists this weekend and your last chance to experience music aboard the Lannon in 2012 (see this post if you’re not sure what we’re  talking about).  See the complete list of live music in Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

Here are the Schooners Participating In The 2012 Gloucester Schooner Festival and Contact Info For You To Reserve Your Spot On Board For The Schooner Races!


Here’s a list I grabbed off the Chamber’s great website which lists each Schooner participating in the 2012 Gloucester Schooner Races.  To Connect The Dots For You and bang the point home this is what you need to do-

Click on the highlighted link under or or above each schooner to go to the website and contact the Schooner to reserve your spot aboard.  Gloucester harbor is going to be jamming back and forth with all these schooners and to be on the water it will be magical!


I’m convinced 99% of our population outside of the schoonerheads don’t even realize that they can get aboard and race.  The costs to go out for a sail is not even a rounding error on the cost of owning a boat for a year. 

What, you’re still reading this?  You should be on telephone with Kay Ellis or the people at The Ardelle office booking your reservation for this weekend.  Hurry up will ya?

28th Annual
Schooner Festival™

August 31 – September 2, 2012

Participating Schooners

Thomas E. Lannon
Gloucester, MA

(978) 281-6634     info@schooner.org

Gloucester, MA

978-290-7168 mobile
email: info@schoonerardelle.com

Gloucester, MA

Norwalk, CT

American Eagle
Rockland, ME

Bald Eagle
Gloucester, MA

Prudence Island, RI

Salem, MA

Green Dragon
Manchester, MA

Newport, RI

Lewis H. Story
Essex, MA

Liberty Clipper
Boston, MA

Vineyard Haven, MA

Spirit of Massachusetts
Boston, MA

Sugar Babe
Gloucester, MA

Kings Point, NY

Attraction Vessel:
The HMS Bounty

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