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Gus Carlson Joins The Dave Sag’s Blues Party Tonight. 8:30-11:30 Right After The Horrible’s Parade @ The Rhumb LIne.


fireworksdave sag rl 4.3.2014


Thursday night, after the Horribles Parade and/or the fireworks, why not stop by then Rhumb Line for some good old New Hampshire blues. I’ve got some new cats comin’ in from the hinterlands for a dose of that good old dancing’ music. First, there’s “Lonely” Gus Carlson, on guitar and vocals. Don’t know why he’s lonely; mebbe you can find out. He’s a killer! And he’s bringing along his goombah, Mr. Rick Rousseau, on drums, another fine vocalist. Cowpie Bingo contest at 8:30 sharp!


40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732






Lydia Warren Tonight @ The Dave Sag’s Thursday Blues Party! Time 8:30!

dave sag rl mo

Summer’s almost here! Yes, yes, Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and to celebrate, let’s have a ball! So here goes!
  This Thursday at the Rhumb line, welcome back Ms. Lydia Warren. Winner of many awards, this lady is known for her stinging guitar and plaintive vocals. She always wrecks the joint! She’s bringing along Mr. Ephraim Lowell, on drums and hopefully, Matt Kelly on gootar. We’ll see. Should be a blast.


lydia warren


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732


Lisa Marie Tonight @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party!

dave sag rl mo

She’s back….! That boisterous belter of the blues: Ms. Lisa Marie. Just back from the cotton harvest in Mississippi, she’s ready to drop that eleven foot sack on your big toe. One of our faves, this gal has the wherewithal to get your intestines in a double clove hitch! Till you cry “ooh whee!”
  She’ll be bringing along her posse of sympathetic players including “Silvertone” Steve or is it “Silverfish?” on guitar, Johnny Juxo, a new guy for me, on kleeboards, and Steevee “HaHa” Chaggaris, on defibrillators. I’ll be on base, in the corner, and hopefully, in the pocket.  Do come! Our new hours are 8:30 to 11:30.
And like Dave Brown says:” We are nothing without you!” I mean it. Free Serutan® to the first 300 contented fans!

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Wednesday’s with Fly Amero ~ Special guest: John Rockwell @ The Rhumb Line


Wednesdays Only: Prime Rib, $12.95!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, December 4th  8-11
Special Guest: JOHN ROCKWELL! 

jr-11 (2)


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Thursday Night Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line with Chris Stovall Brown 11.7.2013

dave s

Dave says,

Seems like forever since we had Chris Brown  to kick around, so I’m psyched that he’s returning to our stage this week. With all that tooth-picking guitar, flawless harp and vocals, what could go wrong?? He’s the top of the heap in my book; yours too, even if you have only seen him once. Burgomeister of the blues, he’ll have you feeling  like someone put Metrecal® in your shoes. You’ll be flying around the room like Peter Pan on steroids. Not only that, but Mr. Ephraim Lowell, Percival’s grandson and former ROB drummer, will be on hand egging us  toward paroxysm. NEW WINTER HOURS: 8 to 11. And thank you for your continued support!


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The Rhumb Line

40 Railroad Avenue,

Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

(978) 283-9732

Dave Sag’s Blues Party to Host Cheryl Arena this Thursday night @ The Rhumb Line 10.17.2013

Dave Saginario

Dave says,

Another fun week ahead, so fasten your seat belt, and let’s get goin’!
This Thursday at the Rhumb Line, Ms. Cheryl Arena, the Bachelorette of the Blues, has got you in her sights as she rampages thru the North Shore in search of big game. You are the target. She has a new CD out and it’s a rip-snorter. She sings, she blows harp, and she’ll have you quaking and spazzing out on the dance floor with her artery-clogging renditions of hoary chestnuts and and old time favorites. She’ll be bringing along a  real lightning bolt of a guitarist in the mild-mannered form of Mr. Mike DiBari. He’ll put a wedgie in your mental Spanx®!!  Mr. Ephraim Lowell, late of Roomful O’ Blooze, will be in the drummer’s electric chair, flailing against the current. I will be the basest. It’s gonna be shocking!