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Gloucester Exposure On CBS Around The World For Free With Jeff Schroeder

Jeff literally showed up around 7:30PM and the sheer number of Gloucester locations that we squeezed in was outstanding. Huge thank you to Mark Ring who took us out on the Stanley Thomas to the Greasy Pole and Mike Tupper who caught the Albino lobster and allowed us to release it for the show(we had been holding it in our tanks so his father in law could see it).

To See The Video On CBS Click this link-


Welcome To Gloucester


To Free The Rare Albino Lobster You Must Walk the Greasy Pole


Jeff Schroeder Walks The Greasy Pole


Your Boy Joey Greets Jeff Schroeder When He Gets Into Gloucester


Captain Mark Ring Brings Us Out To The Pole


Eric Lorden Hosts Dinner at Passports


The Best Of Both Worlds Steak & Lobster At Passports


Walking From Pavillion Beach Through Gloucester’s West End Sal’s Barber Shop & Life Is Good


CBS Jeff Schroeder Around The World For Free In Gloucester Part I

Featuring Jeff Schroeder,Mark Ring,  The Rabbit,  music from Benny Trouble,Eric Lorden and lobster and steak dinner at Passports,The Albino Lobster, The Greasy Pole, the Good Morning Gloucester Sticker(of course)designed by Beth Swan and printed by our boy Frank Ciolino, and your boy Joey.

Click the link!


Amazing Race and Big Brother Contestant Jeff Shroeder Talks About Day 1 In Gloucester Shooting For CBS “Around The World For Free”

Jeff Schroeder and Director Zsolt talk about their time in Gloucester MA from my basement where the crew spent their first night as the series kicked off.  Jeff slept on my daughter Madeline’s beanbag chair in the center of children toy hell

Here are pictures and video from Day 1

click pics for larger versions

Sleeping in the basement after doing shots of tequila at The Crows Nest- priceless!

Here is a video of Jeff in the basement after wrapping up Day One of CBS Around The World For Free and also Zsolt the director and one of three creators of the show talking about Gloucester and how high the bar has been set for the rest of the season.

Good Times!

More pics and video to come

Sushi In Tampa Doesn’t Suck

Pictures from the Rabbit

It was the first time I’ve tried rolls that were wrapped in some type of lettuce instead of rice (see bottom picture).

The lettuce made the roll much lighter.  I’ll have to look for this type of sushi around here.  Any of you readers know of any local sushi joints that prepare it this way?

IMG_9948, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


I Guess That Means We Gotta Hug

So last night we closed down this bar in central Ybor City after consuming a couple of pitchers of margaritas.

There was a guy with a guitar singing along side us and he says toward the end of the night- “Make sure you take care of your waitresses and bartenders”

Just as he said that our very nice young buxom waitress rolls up to our table to presumably ask if we want a refill or whatnot but before she could say anything the Rabbit (the chubby guy in the foreground of the picture) says to her- “The guy says we’re supposed to take care of you so I guess this means we gotta hug.”

Nice Rabbit! 🙂

For the record she didn’t bite.

I Guess That Means We Gotta Hug, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


The Rabbit Goes In For The Kill At Madfish- St Pete’s Beach

After the ball game we went to St Pete’s Beach to chill out for a bit and met up with Ricky Ticky Tampa, one of my close friends from my youth and brother to the Best Man in our wedding- DK.

Ricky has a penchant for knowing the very best spots to eat in whatever town he happens to be living and yesterday he kept his streak alive with yet another outstanding call foralate afternoon meal.

Madfish on St Pete’s Beach looks on the outside like any diner would but once you enter the doors you realize that this is no plain old diner (not that there would be anything wrong with that)

Inside the walls are adorned with dark wood paneling, the countertops granite, the refrigerators and appliances all top end. This place is actually a fine dining spot that also features some incredibly creative comfort food.

The service was spot on, the food outstanding. It seemed out of place on St Pete Beach where everything else is so laid back and less current. St Pete Beach seems like it has a lot of history and most of the places up and down that strip are still living in the past-some of it in a good way and some in a not so good eiighties redneck kinda way.

In any case the numerous awards that Madfish St Petersburg have won are well deserved and much like Ferg’s is a must visit place if you are going to a ball game at Tropicana field, Madfish is a must visit if you find yourself in St Petersburg. I would drive thirty miles out of my way to go to this place.

Ferg’s-Across the Street From Tropicana Field

This joint serves buckets of beer and baskets of wings for short money. Outdoors with a dj playing and a ton of tv’s it’s a huge party before the game. You really don’t even need to go into the ballpark to get a feeling for Tampa Ray baseball nation. Just about everyone in here is sporting Rays jerseys and caps.
I was surprised that I didn’t see more Red Sox caps but I guess when the Sox have been playing like they have and the home team is in first place all those transplants from up north switch who they root for-sad.

Ferg’s is THE SPOT to hit before the game if you’re ever down here though. The place is jumping on game days.

We scalped tickets for $10 and culd basically sit anywhere we wanted to up and down the first and third base lines or the outfield

How Not To Photograph Food For a Blog

While the Mrs was off romping through the mean streets of NYC I had a little quality time with one of my best buds- The Rabbit.

The Rabbit loves photography.  With his very limited income he spends a huge chunck on beautiful lenses and fancy shmancy light attachments for his big ginormous cameras.

So I got off work the other day and called him up for a a little bromance time.  An afternoon snack and then up to Hollywood Hits to catch Up In The Air starring George Clooney.  But I digress.

We get to The Farm Bar and Grille and order up a bunch of appetizers and just before the food comes out I tell the Rabbit go grab his camera and take some pics of the food for the blog.

Proudly he unzips his custom camera bag containing lenses of all sizes and a ring light thingy that fits around the lens and disperses light evenly for nice macro shots.  I’m impressed and it really looks like he knows what he’s doing and all.  To say that I’m not envious of the high tech gadgetry and fancy camera would be a lie.

He tells me he’s going to upload the photos to his Flickr account for me to use on GMG.  Sweet, more content!

I tell him get in tight on the food and he took some great shots right up on the plate which I saw later in the evening when we got back to the house and flipped through the images on the computer.  Very nice pictures of the nachos and the chicken wings with honey mustard sauce.

Now I go to his Flickr page and the few images he chose to upload are ones where he took  from about two feet away from the food and it’s all dark and you can’t really get an idea of what the food really looks like.  Note the pic below from The Rabbit-

IMG_5406e, originally uploaded by bmanpitt.

So there’s a lesson for you guys today.  When taking pictures of food get right up close on it.  Try to either put it someplace that has a dccent amount of light and use the macro setting on your camera (the one that looks like a flower on the camera settings menu).
Instead of the shot like my boy with the $2500 camera set-up took above you can produce images like the one I took below with my $225 camera.
Latitude 43 Crispy Fish Burrito-
click for larger version


The Rabbit Hangs Out At The Farm Bar and Grill

One of my best friends “The Rabbit” and I went to The Farm Bar and Grill night before last.  I look stoned in this picture but I can assure you it was just me being tired.

We laid a beating on an order of chicken wings and their killer nachos.
The aftermath

The boys at the Farm are killing it!  The place is mobbed and even though they have plenty of parking we barely found a spot.  They are doing a lot of things right starting with the food and the competent no attitude service from the bar staff.

Posting For My Pal The Rabbit -MMA

One of my best friends Brian “The Rabbit” Pitcher asked me to post this for him.  Because he is such a dear friend I am posting it even though it has nothing at all to do with Gloucester.  If you have no interest in Cage fighting just skip on down below to the next post.

He is a little loopy so please bear this in mind if you delve any further into his world.



UFC 101 is just a day away in Philadelphia for the states first mega Mixed Martial Arts event. Meaning these events instead of being held in private underground fight clubs and local armories are a thing of the past. Final regulations were approved to allow revenue generating events in Mixed Martial Arts to take place in Philadelphia and Pittsburg . The Pennsylvania athletic commission working hand in hand with the House and Senate committees worked to make this event finally come to fruition. Diligently they strived to create new commerce in a struggling economy country wide. Not to mention working this process the office of the attorney general and an independent regulatory review commission. This was basically to approve guidelines that have to be maintained to host such events. Sure seems like a lot of Government cage work to be done as this was approved back in July of 2007. In the end it’s all about developing a well run safe platform for fighters to prove their dedication to hundreds of hours of training.

“This should be a battle cry for my home state of MA to follow in the footsteps of many Northeastern states swiftly changing legislation to facilitate a rapidly expanding fan base.”

Just this past weekend team Cagefx, Linda Shields Promoter, and Mike Varner director of operations launched a highly successful event in Brockton on Aug 1st called “Battle Under The Stars”. The MMA event, the first of its kind at Campanelli Stadium was a sold out, 10,000 citizens strong. Even though we don’t have regulations set in Massachusetts the platform follows a strict code of fighter safety set up by adjoining state templates and welcome state regulation. From Ticket sales alone our state would take 10% of all ticket revenue and we could use it in our budget short falls bottom line as of late.

Some idea of just the scope of this media operation attended by celebrities Alex Boylan from Amazing race, Burton Roberts from Survivor now partners in Around The World Productions, performances buy band mates from Diecast Paul Stoddard vocals, Marc Lopes Dark Day Sunday/Cobra Kai with The Evening’s Ben Goodman we are on the verge of a mixed martial arts explosion in the Northeast. This was not your small town production from front to back this was done with a polish not recognized today in our local fight scene. 4000 Dollars worth of fireworks punctuated an event that will be talked about in years to come.

The Fights were only stopped early by the self proclaimed MMA police Mike Varner a professional fighter himself. The Cage was getting really slick from all the condensation build up. He tried everything to facilitate a safe environment including getting on his hands and knees wiping up the cage in between rounds. The towels he threw out of the fight enclosure heavy with sweat fell with a thud outside the cage. If that doesn’t speak volumes about Varner’s dedication to the sport before, during and after we don’t know what does.

Lastly about the fighters cause that’s what it’s all about in the sport of MMA with more heart than I have seen in years. You have the truly humble local Dorchester ’s own John “Doomsday” Howard reaching back and holding off on his own training for UFC 101 to help out younger fighters perform remarkably from Allston’s Wai Kru. In John Howard’s words. “He never had this great of a platform Cagefx when he was coming up in the sport.”

Doomsday or as a close friends call him “Dooms” is fighting Tamdan “The Barn cat” Mcroy both veterans of you got it, the Northeast fight Scene. They are both fighting at 170 pounds in the welterweight class and the barn cat has a height and weight advantage in the UFC’s mountain of fighters in the welterweight division. They are both challenging themselves for the next step and what is guaranteed to be a battle to remember. Anyone who is anyone in this sport knows one sure thing, there is no sure thing.

“Doomsday” sporting his new flame cut hair will enter the ring thirsty for a win and we all know bets are off. Howard believes in the win after his many hours of buckets filled with sweat shed in the gym. If you taped his sweat dripping micro fiber that wicks it away you would immediately want to wash your hands. Not his fellow training partners it was an embrace, a sharing of dedication building camaraderie in the studio run by John Allen. New England wishes him the best of luck and everyone really loves the underdog. This was coming from a huge sample of fans at the Battle Under The Stars in Brockton . These cage fighters that train everyday while mind you holding a wide array of different jobs in our community deserve our attention. They are Citizens, Fathers, Fighters, local businessmen and a remarkable eclectic group of individuals. UFC 101 has opened the doors and our collective eyes in many ways. From a Local, State, and evolving fan base here in the Boston Metro area, saying what if? What if Mr. Tom Menino we host the next pro event here in Boston because it would be good for all of us.

Written By Brian Pitcher

Creative support Rachel Carta at the News Item Shamokin, PA

Thanks To The Rabbit and Benny Orlando From Best Buy

I’d like to thank my pal the Rabbit and Benny Orlando a Gloucester native and Best Buy representative that sponsored over $250 worth of door prizes for the Gloucester Guerilla Art Project II/Russo family fundraiser.

DSC_5213, originally uploaded by sharon_lowe88.

Packed House For GGAP II

We had a lot of fun and raised money for a great cause.   People turned out and I’m proud to say that GGAP II was the first sell-out at Cape Ann Community Cinema.  We raised $2217. which will be deposited by the end of the week to The MR Children fund.  There are still 12 t shirts left which can be purchased at The Dress Code downtown and 100% of that money will be added into the total when they are sold.  Also Rob Newton will be donating a portion of the proceeds from a show this week (details to follow) into the pot.

DSC_5259, originally uploaded by sharon_lowe88.

Thanks to Sharon for taking the pictures at the show as I was too busy to be able to get any footage.

The Rabbit’s Picture of Desserts At Finale

Thanks Brian for the picture. 

Finale got a Best Of Boston award for best dessert in Boston for 2008.  I got the Tiramisu which was very good but I’d still take the Mrs’ Tiramisu over the one I had here.  the Rabbit had the Boston Creme.  Each dessert was like a work of art.  One of these days I’ll get the Mrs to post her Tiramisu recipe.

Growl mmmmmmmmm…, originally uploaded by bmanpitt.


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