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The Linquata Family St. Joseph Altar From The 40’s

PrintDolores Sheehan shares~ Linquata family in the 40’s celebrating St, Josephs at 55r Main St (now the Dogbar Parking Lot)

Linquater family altar Dolores

Dolores, thank you for sharing this  beautiful photo with GMG !

The Linquater Family is a perfect example of a Sicilian Family here in Gloucester who is known to keep up family traditions throughout the year, for many generations. I have been blessed to attend many of their celebrations over the years

Old St. Joseph Altar photos are so much more than just old photos. They are priceless treasures, tangible documents, which link us back to the roots of this cultural tradition that our ancestors started many generations ago. Each photo depicts volumes of family stories and shared times together.  Yesterday while driving in the car with my twins, the topic about the importance of keeping tradition came up. My son asked me “Mah why is it so important to you to keep up the traditions that your grandparents kept?”I took a moment to gather my thought, in how to best give an example that they’d forever remember… Read more