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Another Schooner Festival is in the Books

So much beauty in one harbor.  It almost doesn’t seem fair….almost.

The day began a bit dreary, but grey skies couldn’t detract from the gorgeousness of the schooners as they paraded throughout our harbor.

Lucky, lucky us.  Thanks to everyone who played a part in another successful Schooner Festival.


My Incredible Adventure- The Liberty Clipper

DSC_2052 [640x480]

Home Port: Boston
Rig: Gaff Topsail Schooner
Year Built: 1983
Sparred Length: 125 Feet
Draft: 8 Feet
Beam: 25 Feet
Hull: Steel
Web Site: Liberty ClipperDSC_2056 [640x480]

The 125-foot Schooner ‘Liberty Clipper’ is a majestic steel replica of an 18th century clipper ship.

The term clipper as applied to ships may derive from the idea of them cutting through the water. Clipper bows were distinctively narrow and heavily raked forward, which allowed them to rapidly clip through the waves. The cutting notion is also suggested by the other class of vessel built for speed, the cutter. One of the meanings of clip since the 17th century is “to fly or move quickly”, possibly deriving from the sound of wings. The term clipper originally applied to a fast horse and most likely derives from the term clip meaning “speed”, as in “going at a good clip”.

DSC_2058 [640x480]