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The House of Mitch- Enough Already!

OK OK OK, I Submit!

For a couple years now I’ve been hearing from my buddy Mark Ring that the best deal in town was The House of Mitch for lunch.  Not just him a few other people who I consider inside insiders of what’s what around G-Town.

When you grow up in Gloucester and someone mentions the House of Mitch you don’t automatically think great lunch, but see that’s where you’d be wrong. 

Scallop plate $8.95 and you can barely finish it.  Haddock, fried shrimp, you name it, a ton of freshly seafood fried up and under $10.

You’re just gonna have to put any pre-concieved notions that you might have about the joint aside and see for yourself.  The place is clean, and Sheila is one of the most efficient friendly bartenders that you’ll ever meet.  We got hammered together one Saint Pattys Day in Southie years back with Mark and Kara Ring  a good egg that Sheila. 

You don’t have to drink booze just because you’re going in there either, they’d be happy to pour you a soda or a glass of milk (they must have milk for the mudslides, right?)

Oh and their chowder is freshly made and I’ve yet to see anyone serve a cup of chowder in a bowl the way they do at the House of Mitch.

Locals that know, know to go there.  You should check it out for yourself.