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New addition to the GMG Flickr Group From Everlution Forms

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DSCF5942, originally uploaded by Everlution Forms.


The Hive Cape Ann

Don’t forget- Friday Night 7:00 PM 1 Station Square Rockport

The Hive Opening!


The Hive Cape Ann, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Jon Conant Fish Object

Jon Conant Fish "Object"

Joe Conant Fish Objects

Joe Conant Fish Objects

Everlution Forms

Everlution Forms

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Things To Do- The Hive Cape Ann Studio Opening Friday Night

I’ve been a fan of Jon and Karen Conant’s design and art work since the very first time I laid eyes on it.  Now their vision to bring young fresh art to the people will see become reality with the opening of The Hive Cape Ann

The artists will be represented at The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market also.

If you want to be refreshed and excited with the fresh talent coming up in the local art scene, make a point of checking out the opening Friday Night July 10th at 1 Station Square In Rockport.   see the flyer here

first part of a two part video interview coming at 8am

The Hive Cape Ann, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Tom Torrey’s Gammraybots

Tom Torrey’s Gammraybots

The Hive Cape Ann

The Hive Cape Ann

The Hive Cape Ann

The Hive Cape Ann

The Hive Cape Ann

The Hive Cape Ann

Some of the artists represented at The Hive- , , , , , , , , , ,

Chickity Check It! -The Hive Cape Ann

from the hive-

About Hive


Hi There

The Hive is equal parts working studio, gallery event space & clubhouse for the younger generation of Cape Ann creative folk. We formed early in 2009 to encourage art & idea collaborations, support systems and the creation of links between individuals and their community as a whole.



The Hive seeks to build community by providing a space for arts exploration, cross-pollination of ideas and promoting creative and active lifestyles on Cape Ann.


Our Blog

This blog is our mainline of communication. Content ranges from what’s happening at the The Hive, to what our contributing artists are currently working on, to general info of what’s going on on Cape Ann and the surrounding area.


Artists & Community

We are a pretty diverse crew, ranging both in our artistic styles as well as our passions. However, we find common ground in our vision to unite the creative & active community and make Cape Ann a more unique place. Check out our profiles to learn more about us.



For a place that has such a rich history with the arts, sometimes it feels like the current scene is much too focused on traditional fine art and is lacking on support for new mediums. Our gallery at The Hive sprouted from the fact that we have so many local friends doing interesting work, without a clear venue to show it.



We’ll see. A bigger building in a more centralized location with more artists & community members involved?? Check out www.thesteelyard.org for inspiration and get in touch.


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