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Ron Gilson-The Future of Gloucester’s Fishing Industry – Part II — CHANGE

The Future of Gloucester’s Fishing Industry – Part II — CHANGE

Ron Gilson-

While many activists base their efforts on a fishing industry “comeback”, the reality is it isn’t going to happen. “Comeback”, meaning hundreds of meaningful shore side processing jobs, hundreds of new career fisherman on hopefully hundreds of boats….anything resembling the 1940s and ‘50s, is simply out of the question. Still there are those holding out hope for a return to the deluge volume of the early ‘50s! Dr. Carmine Gorga has publicly stated his only hope is “will we be ready….”

Since 1950, our once anchor industry has been on a downward spiral. There are many citizens of Gloucester who point to declining fish landings, being the result of governmental regulations, and a lack of resource compared to the industry heydays of the ‘40s and ‘50s. That is all true; however, there are even deeper reasons for Gloucester’s industry demise. I realize that over fishing and over regulation are often thought of as the main cause of our industry failing, however, I believe “change” in our society is the principle culprit.

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Chickity Check It! The Future of Gloucester’s Fishing Industry – Part I

The Future of Gloucester’s Fishing Industry – Part I

There will always be fishing in Gloucester. There will always be men to go fishing. That is our heritage and has been for close to 400 years. It is not, however, Gloucester’s future.

If you were an adult in the late 1940s or 1950s, you witnessed the big show! Sixty years ago, Gloucester’s fishing industry was at its peak. We were the recognized world leader in production of volume fish products. Since the mid-1950s, our dominance in the industry has steadily declined.

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Chickity Check It! Ron Gilson’s The Gloucester I Love Posts

The Gloucester I Love

The Gloucester I Love

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Chickity Check It!- Ron Gilson’s Common Sense Must Read

The Gloucester I Love

Ron Gilson is a man who remembers Gloucester’s glory days of fishing and tells it like it is.  No holds barred.  His offering in this weeks blog entry is a must read.  To check out Ron’s Latest Click This Text

Look for three more videos from Ron Gilsons archives coming in the coming weeks.

Chickity Check It- Ron Gilson’s thegloucesterilove blog

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A blog, hosted by Gloucester waterfront historian, Ron Gilson,  will launch a regular  weekly publication in the immediate future.  He looks forward to your joining and engaging him as he embraces both the past and the future of America’s oldest commercial fishing port.  Please join Ron each week.