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Gloucester Day With the Bean- Taking Silly Pictures At Barbara Koen’s Dress Code

After finishing up our coffee and hot chocolate and cleaning up a nasty hot chocolate incident at The Lone Gull we headed up to Barbara Koen’s Dress Code.

I dig popping in there if for nothing else but to catch some of that good karma from Barbara and the girls who work there.  Always a fun experience and you never know if you’ll find a hidden gem. 

Right now there are a bunch of brand new TUMI bags selling for 1/5 or so of their original prices.  If you are a traveller you will recognize TUMI as the top brand in luggage.   These bags were smaller messenger style and laptop bags but all brand new and pretty bad-ass.  I’ve been having an internal debate about buying one for several months now.

Here’s the Bean and I taking a silly picture in the overhead curvy mirror-