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Help Create a Scene in Rockport!

Rockport is an awesome, beautiful place, but some of us who live here would like to shake things up a little bit. So we’re throwing an art party of sorts on August 18th right in downtown Rockport. And to truly make this a community event, I set up a project page on Kickstarter. I’ve been really out of it lately, having a baby and trying to stay awake during daylight hours, so putting this together on Kickstarter took some more mental prowess than I expected, but I figured it out eventually (hats off to GMG contributor E.J. who funded her book project with your support through Kickstarter!). Anyway if you’re one of the Cape Ann locals or visitors who want to see art happen in spontaneous ways in dowtown Rockport, check out the Art Exchange project to see if it’s something you can support. We are funding this event with a goal of $500 and so far we have $50 raised, which is exciting! Feel free to email me (Sarah) at artnowrockport@gmail.com or therovinghome@gmail.com with any questions about the project or the event itself. And just click the image to find out more:

click the image for project information