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Cape Ann has been blessed with stunning sunrises and sunsets this winter, or perhaps it’s just that the weather temperatures are warmer than usual, which makes it much more fun to be out and about photographing. Fifties today and despite the overcast skies, the day was divine!

North Light Twin Lights Thacher island 2016 www.kimsmithdesigns.com

Second week Of June Mark Your Calendars- I was looking Through My Flickr Photos Of Gloucester At Dawn Photos And Wouldn’t you Know…

Look at these sunrises from the past few years on the same exact week of the year- Second Week Of June.  If you’re a photographer and planning on taking a trip out here to photograph sunrises, might I suggest the second week of June?  If this hack of a photographer can capture these images, you ought to be able to as well Smile 

‘08, ‘09, ‘10, ‘12 and ‘14 represented here-

Fishermen’s Wives Statue 4:46AM 6/14/08

Gloucester At Dawn, 4:45AM Good Harbor Beach 6/09/09

Gloucester At Dawn Good Harbor Beach and Thacher Island 4:50AM 6/11/10

Gloucester At Dawn 4:50AM 6/7/12 Good Harbor Beach at Thacher Island

Gloucester At Dawn- Good Harbor Beach 4:55AM 6/9/14

Some of my other favorite Gloucester at Dawn Photos can be seen here


A delegation of Thacher Island volunteers, finally able to visit the island after the February 10 blizzard, discovered substantial damage to the boathouse at the top of the landing ramp. The damage included eastern and northern walls dislodged from their foundations, siding torn loose, the rear door torn off its track, and interior shelving knocked loose. Wind and high water also deposited boulders and debris across a broad swath of ground. Snowdrifts prevented the volunteers, Syd Wedmore, Paul St. Germain, Peter Bergholz, and Bill Lee, from inspecting other structures on the island.  Oddly enough, the water that surged through the boathouse did not disturb the American flag that still lay neatly folded on a dislodged table in the middle of the jumbled debris.

(Photos supplied by Paul St Germain)

Loblolly Cove, Rockport, circa 1920


Loblolly Cove, Rockport, circa 1920 Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin

Gloucester photographer Alice Curtis shot this photograph from Eden Road, looking across Loblolly Cove. The tip of Emerson Point is on the right. Thacher Island sits in the distance, with its two 124 feet tall granite towers. Built in 1861, Thacher has the only remaining twin lights still operating in the United States. I’ve been asked several times in the gallery what loblolly means. Since 1597, loblolly was a restorative thick stew or gruel served on a ship to ailing or injured sailors, much like the way chicken soup is usde today for colds. Also an old British and American naval term, it refers to a warship surgeon’s assistant – a loblolly boy.

Printed archivally from the original 5×7 inch glass negative in my darkroom. Image #A8657-125

Fredrik D. Bodin Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930 info@BodinHistoricPhoto.com

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Rubber Duck Visits Thacher Island

Adam Bolonsky wanted to take Rubber Duck on a visit to Thacher Island. His friend Mike paddled out too. The three boats on the left were the transportation:

First up, a 102 foot climb to the top of the North Tower:

While Mike and Adam relax Dare Devil Rubber Duck:

After that the Homies were in total awe of the Rubber One.

Homie1 to Homie2: “Did you see how high she bounced?!”

Rubber Duck: “I meant to do that.”

Rubber Duck checking out the new light in the North Tower:

In the museum on the island you can check out the old light:

Magic Eraser in Photoshop could have helped out here:

South Tower with Rubber Duck Photo Shopped out:

In that last shot you can see the clearing on the right which is used for camping. Five bucks a night is the best deal on Cape Ann if you like the sound of two hundred seagulls as an alarm clock.  Camping is July 1 to September 10 . Call ahead.

One last shot. This is from the North Tower looking down at the north end of the island. After Adam caught a 30 inch bluefish which he then calmly placed between his legs in his kayak he then preceded to paddle through these rocks. Yes, in between the surge and those nasty rocks. Rubber Duck may be a dare devil but she insisted I take the longer route around. 

8th Annual Thacher Island Art and Photo Show Sept 1-5

The Thacher Island Association and the Thacher Island Town Committee present:


Opening Reception Thursday September 1, 7–9pm
September 2, 3 & 4:  10am – 8pm
September 5, 10am –  3pm

Admission is free!

This year’s opening reception will also be a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the building of the current twin lighthouses on Thacher Island.

Sunday 8/01/2010

Photos from Sunday Morning August 1, 2010

The Stanley Thomas Heads off to Work

Lobster Boat Passing Ten Pound Island

The Dog Star

Fishing for little fish to catch bigger fish

The Melissa K

Ten Pound Light

Good Harbor Beach Right before Sunrise


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