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Updated: Today’s Tennis Bags Are Large Enough To Smuggle Illegal Aliens

I grew up playing tennis.  Played at least 5 days a week from the age of 7-18.  Never had more than one tennis racket,  never had a tennis bag.  I had a racket cover that zippered around the head of the tennis racket.

I see kids running around today with tennis racket bags that take up at least 50% of their body mass.  It’s insane. No clue what they could possibly be carrying around in there.

A couple tennis rackets, books, ipads, laptops, lunch, sweat suit, a midget or two, a couple of little people, some goats for milking and some extra room left over to use as a tent

Michael Benton- Manchester Athletic Club Pro Shop Manager
20130311_130022Sienna Lehr- 2023 Projected Wimbledon Champion

Niece Amandacakes Shares Exactly What She Has In Her Outrageously Sized Tennis Bag-

Amanda Writes-

“Uncle Joey, this is what’s in “one of those bags”


Congrats To Brittany Collens Manchester Athletic Club Tennis Phenom For Getting A Scholarship To New Mexico State


The Gloucester Daily Times Conor Walsh Had The Story Yesterday-

November 15, 2012

ME tennis star Collens commits to New Mexico St. University

By Conor Walsh Correspondent

Brittany Collens earned it, there’s no denying that.

After deciding to focus much of her adolescence to tennis, the senior at Manchester Essex went all in, leaving the Hornets’ program after her freshman year to devote endless hours to her training at the Manchester Athletic Club.

I’m a huge fan of The Manchester Athletic Club and grew up playing tennis there.

The program now compared to when I was there has taken off to a whole new level pumping out tennis scholarship athletes yearly.