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There’s A Reason Harbor Cove Dental Was Voted #1 After Only One Year Open In Gloucester

It speaks volumes to be voted number 1 after only one year.  I mean, there are dentist practices that have been open for decades so to claim this honor you know you have to be doing something right.DSC01842

And when I tell you that these very words came out of both my daughters’ mouths “I can’t wait to go to the dentist.” 

I took a double take.  Say what?  A child that WANTS to go to the dentist?  What is this, bizzarro world where up is down and left is right?  

The staff is so unbelievably friendly. The equipment all brand new.  The chairs you sit in are heated AND offer massage elements.  The place is out of control over the top inviting and comfortable. 

Are you sold yet?  Well if not, how bout Free Teeth Whitening FOR LIFE? 

Uhmm, yeah, Dr Leif just posted that on the GMG Community Google+ group




The girls love their Dental Hygienist Amy so much they made her two rainbow loom bracelets!



Here’s Your Move Regarding Teeth Whitening

I drink coffee.  Lots of coffee.

How to keep the pearly whites staying pearly white after drinking all that coffee?  No need to get expensive dentistry teeth whitening treatments.  That’s for suckas. 

Floss, use Arm and Hammer Advanced White toothpaste with peroxide and follow up by swishing some hydrogen peroxide around in your mouth for thirty seconds after you floss and brush in the morning and before you go to bed.

The big jug of Hydrogen Peroxide at CVS was $1.49 and will last you a long while.