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Odds and Ends: Rudder, Taxes, Mac

April 15, this Thursday, The Rudder opens for the season. I’ve been Jonesin’ for some pan seared monkfish with lemon butter and capers since last fall. Tax Relief Specials. Spring Hours: Open Thursdays to Saturday 5PM.

April 15, this Thursday, is not tax day if you live in Essex county. That rain in March made us a “disaster recovery zone” so taxes are not due until May 11. Woot, off to the Rudder even if the IRS is getting a big check. Mañana.

What if you get a tax refund and you’re thinking maybe you should get something slick to load GMG onto. Don’t you want to see Homie’s tail feathers in glossy high resolution with a high refresh rate? (Really, it wiggles.) Since some people know me as a Mac fanboy I always get the question, “What Mac should I buy?” and my answer is always the same. Go to MacRumors Buyer’s Guide and find out when the new model is coming out. This page will tell you whether to buy now or wait. Say you wanted a MacBook Pro last week. Boy would you have buyer’s remorse if you had not gone to the page. They would have told you “New Models Soon DO NOT BUY!!”

New models for the MacBook Pro came out today. The 13 inch is nice.