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King Carona Cigar Shop- Ybor City Tampa Fl

God I love this place.  The people watching.  The Cigars. The Coffee. The Help. 

God help me if a place like this existed nearby.  I’m not sure you could tear me out of there.

My boy the Rabbit makes a guest appearance in this post 4 pictures down.










Sushi In Tampa Doesn’t Suck

Pictures from the Rabbit

It was the first time I’ve tried rolls that were wrapped in some type of lettuce instead of rice (see bottom picture).

The lettuce made the roll much lighter.  I’ll have to look for this type of sushi around here.  Any of you readers know of any local sushi joints that prepare it this way?

IMG_9948, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Countertop At My Favorite Cigar Bar In the World- King Corona In Ybor City

Every time I go to Tampa to visit my buddy DK I can’t wait to get to King Carona, order up a coffee, light up a nice cigar and relax in the chairs set up along the street in Ybor right out in front of King Carona. The people watching is some of the best anywhere with the young couples, tattood folks, gays, brothers, club goers, families and street denizens.
As good as the people watching is, hanging out with your best friends over a cigar on your own time is about as good as it gets.

I Guess That Means We Gotta Hug

So last night we closed down this bar in central Ybor City after consuming a couple of pitchers of margaritas.

There was a guy with a guitar singing along side us and he says toward the end of the night- “Make sure you take care of your waitresses and bartenders”

Just as he said that our very nice young buxom waitress rolls up to our table to presumably ask if we want a refill or whatnot but before she could say anything the Rabbit (the chubby guy in the foreground of the picture) says to her- “The guy says we’re supposed to take care of you so I guess this means we gotta hug.”

Nice Rabbit! 🙂

For the record she didn’t bite.

I Guess That Means We Gotta Hug, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


The Rabbit Goes In For The Kill At Madfish- St Pete’s Beach

After the ball game we went to St Pete’s Beach to chill out for a bit and met up with Ricky Ticky Tampa, one of my close friends from my youth and brother to the Best Man in our wedding- DK.

Ricky has a penchant for knowing the very best spots to eat in whatever town he happens to be living and yesterday he kept his streak alive with yet another outstanding call foralate afternoon meal.

Madfish on St Pete’s Beach looks on the outside like any diner would but once you enter the doors you realize that this is no plain old diner (not that there would be anything wrong with that)

Inside the walls are adorned with dark wood paneling, the countertops granite, the refrigerators and appliances all top end. This place is actually a fine dining spot that also features some incredibly creative comfort food.

The service was spot on, the food outstanding. It seemed out of place on St Pete Beach where everything else is so laid back and less current. St Pete Beach seems like it has a lot of history and most of the places up and down that strip are still living in the past-some of it in a good way and some in a not so good eiighties redneck kinda way.

In any case the numerous awards that Madfish St Petersburg have won are well deserved and much like Ferg’s is a must visit place if you are going to a ball game at Tropicana field, Madfish is a must visit if you find yourself in St Petersburg. I would drive thirty miles out of my way to go to this place.

Ferg’s-Across the Street From Tropicana Field

This joint serves buckets of beer and baskets of wings for short money. Outdoors with a dj playing and a ton of tv’s it’s a huge party before the game. You really don’t even need to go into the ballpark to get a feeling for Tampa Ray baseball nation. Just about everyone in here is sporting Rays jerseys and caps.
I was surprised that I didn’t see more Red Sox caps but I guess when the Sox have been playing like they have and the home team is in first place all those transplants from up north switch who they root for-sad.

Ferg’s is THE SPOT to hit before the game if you’re ever down here though. The place is jumping on game days.

We scalped tickets for $10 and culd basically sit anywhere we wanted to up and down the first and third base lines or the outfield

Devil Rays Game Yesterday With The Boys

Tropicana Field is everything that Fenway is not

New, easy peasy parking, they have a giant tank in the outfield where you can pet rays. Could you imagine if someone suggestedthat they put a huge tank in right field at Fenway full of codfish? yeah, that’s gonna go over big.

There were lots of fans who seemed really into it. Nothing like there Fenway though with over half the ballpark empty. Across the street