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GloucesterCast 216 with Kim Smith, Alice Gardner, Jim and Patty Dalpiaz and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/29/17


GloucesterCast 216 with Kim Smith, Alice Gardner, Jim and Patty Dalpiaz and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/29/17

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Bacon Donuts From Some un-named Place
GMG Holiday Party- Huge Thanks To James and Aniko Eves At www.capeanngiclee.com for hosting.  So much fun.
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Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz talk about their Gloucester short list
Alice Gardner- St Peter’s Fiesta Picture Book- Rockport Designer Kathy Kelley and Publisher
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GloucesterCast 113 #GloucesterMA Podcast Taped 1/18/15 The Super Cheery Podcast

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GloucesterCast 113 #GloucesterMA Podcast Taped 1/18/15

Topics Include: Guests Melissa Cox, Donna Ardizzoni, Nichole Schrafft, Bill Cox, Mr Effervescent Toby Pett and Joey Ciaramitaro, Cape Ann Museum Favorite Parts, Mark Ring, Lobstermen Are Fishermen Too Dammit!, GMG Electricity Series, Poop In Burnham Field, Who Picks Up Poop?, RIP BINGO, Upcoming Political Season Means You Need To Subscribe To The Gloucester Daily Times, Good Luck To Sefathia, Getting Behind Whoever Is In The Mayor’s Seat, Chamber Cape Ann Chamber License Plate, Congratulations To Catherine Schlichte New Chamber Board of Directors President, Nichole’s Experience At The Car Show, No Shame In Driving A Minivan, David Black Sculpture, Controversey Over Public Art Installations, Phyllis A Annual Meeting, 525 Now Delivering, Walt Kolenda, Donna’s TBT Post Hat, Passports, Gloucester Breakfasts, Sugar Mag’s, Willow Rest, Fort Square Cafe, George’s, Two Sisters, Charlie’s Place, Foriegn Affairs, Doug Pappows to Come In, Tacos Lupita, Jalepenos, Melissa Cox Loses the Vegan Vote, Regina Razabonni Ardizzoni, Donna Is Going To Take Elocution Lessons, The Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tourney, Art Haven Buoy Auction , Winner of Last Week’s Podcast Subscriber Contest Who Won A Fish City Gloucester T Shirt From Fred Bodin and A Copy Of Carol Perry’s Book “Caught Dead Handed” Is Chuck Cook -Prize Must be Picked Up At The Dock


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Tacos Lupita- One Of The Best Taste And Food Values In Town

Absolutely Tremendous Flavor, Portions, Food Freshness and Quality and Value.  Great friendly service, clean, Tacos Lupita has to be my favorite addition to the Gloucester food scene in a long time.

Updated Menu below-


In case you forgot (or didn’t know) about Tacos Lupita…

Here’s a reminder.

Truly authentic Mexican tacos, $2 each.  (They also have lots other meat options and Latin American dishes, of course.) I got two tacos the other day, one with chicken and one with cow tongue.

Yes, cow tongue! Try it – it’s really good! I know that the thought of one’s own tongue and teeth chewing up the tongue of a dead cow grosses a lot of people out. But the meat is tender and very flavorful!


Tacos Lupita is at 63 Washington St. in Gloucester.  Open Monday through Saturday 11AM-9PM.


– Matthew Green

Tacos Lupita Doing $1 Tacos On Monday To Celebrate One Year In Gloucester

At Tacos Lupita Gloucester Location Monday February 25th They Will Be Giving Out $1 Tacos to Celebrate One Year In Business In Gloucester. 

There has been an overwhelming outpouring of support for Tacos Lupita and on Monday they will be giving back to all those people that have made it a regular stop for friendly service,  delicious food at really reasonable prices.  Tacos Lupita is without question top 6 restaurants in Gloucester IMO. 

Swing by and say hi on Monday and tell ‘em Joey sent you.  $1 Tacos.  I get the roast pork off the spit every time.  And every time it’s just that damn delicious!

All fresh ingredients.  Nothing out of a can.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine


63 Washington Street Gloucester MA 01930

Open Monday Through Saturday 11AM-9PM


Roast Pork Burrito At Tacos Lupita May be Best Lunch Value In G-Town

You need to know that value is no value if a meal you get served weighs 5 lbs but has the taste of show leather.

in the case of the roasted pork burrito at Tacos Lupita you get it all.  Great portion, Bazowie Wowie packed with flavor, and all for $5.50.

Boom! No Brainer!!!!!!


Tacos Lupita: One more reason never to leave the island.

The food. As Joey is fond of saying, Cape Ann is blessed with great restaurants and it keeps on getting better. I have been trying out Tacos Lupita and will have a full review once I make it back up the right side of the menu after already eating my way down the left.

(Click image for menu). From the start I can see why Joey has been ecstatic about this place. The mirror shiny ceramic tables to the open kitchen showing fresh ingredients being chopped up. You can tell just by walking in it’s going to be good.

OK, I have had the Mulita (wow, homemade corn tortillas bursting with cheese and in my case I tried pork sausage), huaraches, burritos, tacos, and the Mexican Bistec Plate. All great I’ll just point out two. The lowly taco and the bistec plate. I’ve been to Mexico five times, once for two months back in 1973. I am always looking for that non-Americanized Mexican food without having to go to Mexico. Lupita serves authentic versions of the taco and bistec. The fresh onions and other stuff in the taco and the seasoning of the bistec (a very decent portion of thin grilled steak) are killer. I don’t need to go to Cuernavaca again. I can stay on the island.

Before I write a full review I have to have the fish taco (this being Gloucester and all), as well as the Tortilla soup. The last time I was in Cuernavaca I had tortilla soup every afternoon for ten days straight. It was an addiction. A good one. Post a comment if you have had it because dang, although open 11AM to 9PM daily they are not open on Sunday. I’ll have to wait.

Fun Fact: Lupita is a girl’s name. The shortened form of Guadalupe which refers to the Virgin Mary as she miraculously appeared to a peasant boy in Guadalupe, Mexico.

Since I ate everything before I was able to photograph it, just click on the screaming Homie and Rubber Duck for photos on the Tacos Lupita website.

One last tip: Try the Fanta Orange soda in the bottle. It is made with real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. Sodas tasted better when we were kids. They still sell them but you have to read the side of the bottle.

[edit] One more very last tip. The salsa verde. Make sure to get the red and green salsa on the side and that green one, (that would be salsa verde in español), is the real deal. The red is too but as in Mexico, it is the green one that will sneak up on you.

Chickity Check It! Tacos Lupita Has A New Website

Menus, Food Photos, Directions and More.


I built it for them when they asked.  Hope you like it.

Probably the most useful thing on there is the pictures of food which weren’t prepared special for the website, they were just photos of dishes they made for customers while I was there.  Allso the menu with prices on it gives you an idea of just how affordable it is.

Last time there Dee Noble was there with 3 kids and the whole bill for sit down lunch was $20 and change.  Seriously?  How do you beat that?

Here’s the link-http://tacoslupitagloucester.wordpress.com/

Tacos Lupita Gloucester Now Officially Open!!!

O M G  I just had a pork burrito with everything cut right off the spit!  Hellooooo Tacos Lupita!!!  OUTSTANDING and Fresh and Cheap!!!!!!

This place is gonna be mobbed!!!!

68 Washington Street Gloucester

Tell ‘em Joey from Good Morning Gloucester Sent You!


The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 13

GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 13

Click here to play or save the podcast

Taped January 30, 2012 with hosts Joey Ciaramitaro from GoodMorningGloucester.org and Kenny MacCarthy from www.CapeAnnInfo.com

Show Notes:

Restaurant news, Tacos Lupita, Passports Wine Dinner, George’s Coffee Shop, the Patriots, Vermin Supreme and politics, Bikini Speedo Dodgeball update, Kenny points out a special property, Kenny searches for a local vet.



Don’t forget to tell them you saw it on GMG and give them a warm welcome to Gloucester!

The most expensive thing on the menu I saw was well under $10.  The smells coming the kitchen were HEAVENLY.  You could smell the freshness of the ingredients!!!!

63 Washington Street, Gloucester MA

Telephone 978-282-9600

It seems like people have been asking me every single day when is Tacos Lupita going to open it’s doors.  I’ve been on the case knocking on the doors daily and today it paid off as our readership will be the first to know!!!!  Woot!!!!

Video Interview with new owners here-


Breaking Restaurant News- Tacos Lupita coming to Gloucester!!!

Dean Szumylo forwards-

Gotta get the scoop on this… Saw the sign last night and had to grab a pic on the way in to work this morning. Could it be? The best Latin American food around without the (bullet-dodging) drive to Lynn? Just steps from Downtown? Say it IS so…!!!