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Susanna Casper Writes In About Fort Square Cafe Mudiga Steak Sandwiches

Hi Joe,

I subscribe to GMG (my hometown) and I’ve been living in Boston for the past 25 years or so.  This past June you put up a pic of a Mudiga steak sandwich from the Fort Square Cafe.  Since my sister has been very ill with cancer (and just recently passed away on Aug 24) I’ve spent a ton of time in Gloucester at her house.  Her husband is from Sicily and he makes mudiga steaks but the ones in the pic looked so good that I’ve been craving one ever since.  Well, my husband and I were in Gloucester at my brother-in-law’s house, working on the house so I said “I’m going out to grab you guys something for lunch”.  I went to the Fort Square Cafe and ordered 8 mudiga steak sandwiches with the roasted peppers and provolone.  OMG.  Sooooooooo worth the wait.  While I was waiting for them to be cooked, they gave me a steak on the house “to try”.  I’ll be back in Gloucester next weekend and I’ll be rocking the mudiga steaks again.  RINGING ENDORSEMENT!!!!  Thanks for the hook-up.

Susanna Casper

Mudiga Steak Sandwich At Fort Square Cafe

Mudiga Steak Sandwich At Fort Square Cafe

I’m glad we steered you in the right direction:)

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors.  Lets make sure our local restaurants get the recognition they deserve!