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Jimmy T and Tom Jarvis Winning The August ’09 International Dory Race Eliminations Video

International Dory Race Eliminations August 09 Senior Open

Jimmy and Tom were part of a team that took the Blackburn Challenge, International Dory Races and were part of the KAOS crew that won Saint Peter’s Fiesta Seine Boat races in 2009.  Best part of the video is when they finish- Jimmy T grabs a cold one and gives his wonderful wife Laurel a victory kiss.

Videotaping and commentary by FOB Frank Ciolino

america is going to love him.

Gloucester MA Wishes Jimmy T The Best On Survivor Nicaragua Video

Video of people giving odds of Jimmy T’s success on survivor Nicaragua and wishing him the best.

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Make your own Youtube Video wishing Jimmy T the best and I’ll post  it here as well.

You can go to The CBS Survivor Website and They have a forum where you can say nice things about Jimmy also and find out about other cast members here-

Survivor Community Forum

Goooooo Jimmy T!

Don’t Forget To Watch Survivor Wednesday Night Jimmy T’s National Debut!!!!!

 Tick Tick Tick-It’s Almost Here!!!!!!


Some Folks Will Be Watching It At Cape Ann Community Cinema- Just Make Sure You Don’t Forget To Watch Jimmy Make Us Proud

We have a ridiculous amount of pictures and video’s with Jimmy from over the years so if you want to see more about the man click the link below to see some more of what life with Gloucester’s Favorite Son,Jimmy T is like-

Jimmy T Pictures and Videos On www.GoodMorningGloucester.com

Gooooooo Jimmy!!!!!!!