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Bill Hubbard Asks About His Grandfather’s Boat The Superior

Bill Hubbard Writes-

I’m trying to track down an important bit of history about my Grandfather’s Boat.  Capt. John A. Dahlmer’s fishing boat Superior was taken by the US Navy early in WW-II.  We have heard that she was used to supply weather stations along the Greenland and Newfoundland coasts with fuel and food.  She was returned to the family in 1944.  As a child, I remember seeing a paper certificate issued by the US Navy thanking him for the use of his boat in the war effort.  He was also paid $1 for each of the 4 years she was on naval duty.
My question is, what was the name of the navy command that operated Superior and other New England vessels during the war years?  I’m sure some of your readers had similar experiences with other boats at that time and, maybe someone can tell me.  Maybe even someone has a picture of her at that time.  A picture of Superior sporting her new, first in the fleet, whaleback bow in 1935 is attached.
Bill Hubbard

Superior with whaleback bow

Bill this would be a great question that maybe our FOB Fred Buck at The Cape Ann Museum could answer-