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Natural page turner: quite a 10 minute story of vast sea and sky

Beautiful radical variations till the clouds rolled by (roughly 6:05-6:18 AM) before I met with clients in Boston and Beverly. There were some snowflakes but when I returned to Gloucester at 1pm, the roads were dry and an even pale sky.



sunrise-gloucester-city-skyline-copyright-kim-smithThe light oftentimes glows warm golden pink over the Harbor late in the day, at sunset. On my way to photograph Niles Pond Saturday morning, it was surprisingly beautiful to see overhanging the Harbor wispy vertical pink clouds.

I love the time change with the sun rising an hour earlier because I can get out and film before the work day begins. Lately we have been treated to extra amazingly gorgeous and sumptuous sunrises and sunsets!sunrise-gloucester-harbor-november-5-2016-copyrightt-kim-smith

sunrise-gloucester-harbor-november-5-2016-2-copyrightt-kim-smithSame morning, the view looking towards Smith’s Cove

Sunrise this morning 10/6/2016


Too late! The sun was blowing out the sensor on my poor iPhone.

After all the weather passing through now back to the standard gorgeous sunrises. Before the sun broke the horizon the backlit waves were gorgeous. But I was trying to keep baby stripers from chasing my popper so the iPhone stayed in the plastic bag. Then they were just babies in diapers, maybe 22 inches so I put the rod away and took a few shots.


So shoot to the left of sunrise.

Shoot to the left of sunrise.

One more to the left.


And shoot to the right of sunrise.


and shoot to the right of sunrise


You may be wondering why I have been posting so many sunrise photos, more than usual, from GHB (sincerely hoping its not boring). I spent a good part of the summer there filming the Piping Plovers and other beautiful species of wildlife, but I am also there gathering B-roll for all film projects. While the movie camera is running, it’s fun to take stills as well.

Almost invariably, the light is at its prettiest well before the sun rises. I like the blues and violets in the first photo. The second photo was taken about five minutes later. Which one do you prefer? 

good-harbor-beach-september-sunrise-copyright-kim-smith good-harbor-beach-september-sunrise-2-copyright-kim-smith

Heaven over Essex Marsh

Heaven Over Essex Marsh

Heaven Over Essex Marsh

This is a spot I’ve visited a number of times, just waiting for the perfect view to photograph.  One morning I really didn’t want to get out of bed at 4am but I knew a storm had come through the night before and the cloud cover might be interesting so I dragged my butt over to Essex and wasn’t disappointed!  Of course I got there and the sun hadn’t started to rise yet…it was just cloudy and grey, but it’s amazing how in a span of 15 minutes a scene like this can unfold before your eyes.   This is one of my favorite photos of last year and a 16 x 20 canvas print is one of the prints available at the Art at the Schoolhouse this weekend so stop by!  Thanks to James and Anna at Cape Ann Giclee for their expert printing of this canvas!

DST means Take Your Christmas Wreath Down!

I will turn off my creepy Santa in the Attic if you take your Christmas wreath down. I moved back to New England 46 years ago and still haven’t figured this tradition out. Are you supposed to leave them up until Easter? Let’s start a new tradition and take them down when you leap forward. Gloucester Winter flags on Stacey Blvd. Take them down. Don’t wait until summer!

Creepy Santa Stays lit until wreaths are gone.

Creepy Santa Stays lit until wreaths are gone.

At 6:41 AM this morning, 16 minutes before sunrise the Rockport Breakwater was on fire. My little iPhone hardly captures  the conflagration.

At 6:41 AM this morning, 16 minutes before sunrise the Rockport Breakwater was on fire. My little iPhone hardly captures the conflagration.

By 6:57 AM when the sun rose after leaping forward  the fire was out.

By 6:57 AM when the sun rose after leaping forward the fire was out.

Where’s your favorite Sunrise spot?

My first post to GMG had me wondering what on earth I could possibly contribute to an already amazingly talented group of contributors. My daughter Abbey made it pretty simple for me by saying just start with what you know…photography! I picked up a camera about 7 years ago after my kids went to college thinking it would be something to pass the time and an outlet for my creativity, but as it turns out, the camera is evil! It makes you do evil things! It makes you learn stuff about what you are photographing. Like when the sun rises and sets (seriously…I had no idea that the best part of sunrise was actually before the sun rose!) So since this is a new beginning for me, and spring is in the air I thought I’d start this day off with a sunrise! You can visit lots of areas and see many sunrises, but I honestly can say that Cape Ann has THE MOST spectacular sunrises and sunsets. No…I’m not a morning person, in fact, I love sleep, but remember I told you the camera is evil? It makes you do evil things??   Well it makes you get up early too! So here you go….pick a day….get up early… bring your camera or just bring a blanket and a cup of coffee and treat yourself with the peacefulness and beauty of the early morning! My favorite place to go is Good Harbor Beach and on any given day there are a half dozen cars parked there and a handful of people on the beach walking and waiting.  This morning’s sunrise was hindered by the clouds, so I’m sharing one of my favorites from GHB.   I’d love to hear where everyone’s favorite places for sunrises are (on or off Cape Ann)!

(Nikon D610, 1/15 sec, F8, ISO 200 – shot in Raw with Lightroom edits) 

GHB Sunrise http://shutterbythesea.artstorefronts.com/


Cape Ann has been blessed with stunning sunrises and sunsets this winter, or perhaps it’s just that the weather temperatures are warmer than usual, which makes it much more fun to be out and about photographing. Fifties today and despite the overcast skies, the day was divine!

North Light Twin Lights Thacher island 2016 www.kimsmithdesigns.com

12 Years Of Gloucester Vacation Sunrises From Nancy Garland Mattern

Hi Joey,

Here is a collection of sunrises I have photographed during our last twelve years of summer vacations in Gloucester. The photos were taken mostly on my iPhone, so the quality varies. We missed the summer of 2013 because we took the family on an Alaska cruise for our 50th anniversary, but otherwise we have spent 2 weeks in Gloucester every June or July for the last dozen years. We can see the sun rise from our bedroom in the house that we rent, so I (and whichever of my daughters and grandchildren want to join me) go traipsing down to the beach at 4:30 AM or so. This summer we had an amazing sunrise double rainbow. I have seen some folks contributing sunsets and so forth, and thought you might like to see these.

Best wishes from New Mexico,

Nancy Garland Mattern

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