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Vote For The Best Sunny D and Folly Cove Rum Performance From Saturday Night At Dog Bar

Big time props go to new GMG contributor Patrick Ryan.  The Dog Bar Sunny D and Folly Cove Rum night was his brainchild and he came through big.  Also kudos go to Andy Mullholland, the staff at Dog Bar, Bobby Ryan from Ryan and Wood Distillers,The Rabbit and all of our singers.

Unidentified Lady

Alicia Pensarosa

The Girl From Virgilios

John McElhenny and Patrick Ryan

The Drummers Wife

Franklin Foster

Sunny D and Rum Call Out To Restaurants

Once new GMG contributor Patrick Ryan turned me on to this video my life hasn’t been the same since.

The quest for Sunny D and rum was never quite fulfilled Saturday night.  We were shut out at Walgreens (no Sunny D) and Market Basket was closed up tighter than a frog’s ass when we swung by.

So here’s the deal-

The first local bar that offers to stock Sunny D and Rum for one night in an email to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com will get Mr Patrick Ryan,The Rabbit and I to come by and do a full on GMG feature on your joint.

We will come in with the cameras and video and take pics of your food for all of the 12-20,000 daily GMG readers to see.

It’s that simple.