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Deb Clarkes “BIZAAR DAZE”

From Debbie Clarke;

Kerry and Mom with their Found "Art Rock"

Here’s Kerry McNally and her Mom in front of my work at the Bazaar. We were so busy I was lucky to get any pics at all. I thought the folk on goodmorning gloucester would enjoy seeing pics from a ‘sales person’s point of view’. There were so many peeps and every now and then, I got to see some of my friends (Loretta and Adara, my friends from Gloucester’s Unitarian Universalist Church).

I would like to thank the readers of gmg that came down to the bazaar to see my artwork, and search for Paul’s ‘rock art’. I know of one other family ‘team’ that printed out directions to locate your rocks. Many folk thought they were supposed to find the rock, have a picture taken to document the event, then move onto the next clue. This might be a future development of your ‘rock art’ project Paul.

Deb Clarke's Art on display

also: I sold three paintings at the Bazaar! (thank you to Richard and Sabine for allowing me to use some of their bazaar ‘real estate’). This was the most financially succesful bazaar for me, as I have been putting my work on Bananas’ sidewalk for several years. Thanks to word of mouth and the shout out by goodmorninggloucester, lots of folk came to see bananas and my work! I generated sales inquiries, networked like crazy, sold a lot of vintage, and had a lot of fun! Thank you to the folk that volunteered on behalf of the Chamber to organize the event.



From: Deb Clarke

From Deb Clarke;

hey there!
  i went to the Cape Ann Historical Museum on saturday afternoon to find that my paintings are not currently on exhibit.  Peter Vincent’s paintings greet you at the entrance to the Maritime Collection.  and in the upstairs hall, the bright wonderful world of Clara Wainwright.  There is a quilt of the world that is in progress.  the instructions say:  pick up a needle and make a stitch.  i will go back to do so, and i want to look at some etchings that caught my attention, as well as, the new aquisitions (2 bernard chaet seascapes are worth another look).
For more Info on the going on’s at The Cape Ann Historical Museum click the link below:

Clara Wainwright, Surrounded by Water

Peter Vincent


For More Information on Art go to: http://debbieclarke.blogspot.com/

Sunday Morning Painting Class

There will be no class on Mother’s Day May 9th
Classes will resume May 16th at  St Peter’s Square Parking lot 6:30 a

20 Minute Painting Starts Sunday Morning Painting Class

20 Minute Painting Starts

and these are the paintings we did.  left 1,2,3:  Paul Frontiero.  center on clipboard:  Liz Bish.  next:  Debbie Clarke demo of a gesture painting reflecting my response to the color and feel of the morning. on right:  Tom Amend.  Last week painter Jeff Weaver stopped by and noted everyone was painting a different view.  This past Sunday we all faced the backlit hill with sun rising behind.  3/4 of the way through the class I introduced pthalo green into each of the students’ palette, showing them the cool/warm possibilities.  
“Cripple Cove gesture” Copyright Debbie Clarke oil on canvas 12″x16″5/2/10

Liz wanted to know what I would do next to my painting.  Nothing.  maybe I will sign it.  The gesture is a completely different ‘scene’ than the one I started with.  When I started to paint I did not know what was interesting about what I was observing.  I made one spot of color against another.  between conversations with students I painted and then ‘wham’ the dark shape pressing down on the center of the picture plane against the house caught my eye.

For more information On the
Sunday Morning Painting Class Contact Deb Clarke at: elli01930@yahoo.com

“To Paint Is To Love Again” Henry Miller

From Deb Clarke;

I dedicate this Video to my

Sunday Morning Painting Class.

                                                                                 Deb Clarke

I never knew Henry Miller painted.  How did this escape me?


Sunday Morning Painting Class

It was a Beautiful day to be outside Painting at Cripple Cove Last Sunday.

Deb taught us how to block in large dark and light shapes and refine from there.

We Had a Great Time. Even Jeff Weaver stopped by for a few minutes.

Debbie Critiques my Painting

Tom Amend Busy Painting

For More Information on how you can join the Sunday Morning Painting Class

Contact Debbie Clarke at elli01930@yahoo.com




Sunday Morning Painting, Be There!

Join Deb Clarke and her Sunday Morning Painting Class. We will be meeting at the Parking lot at the Cripple Cove Playground across from Zeke’s Restaurant in East Gloucester at 7:00am to 9am be there early to set up. Cost is $25.00 for a two hour class.

Deb has trained with some outstanding Artists. Including Cape Ann Artists; Ken Gore and Robert Gruppe. Anyone who has thought about painting should give it a try.  all levels encouraged from newbies to pros.  To register contact Deb via email:  elli01930@yahoo.com all painting and drawing media welcomed, sorry, no watercolor.

"Hake" a Work in Progress

To read more about Deb and her thoughts on Art check out her website: 


Even if your not sure you’d like to try, come down and check it out. You never know  Maybe your Photo will make it in the pages of GMG.

1st Sunday Morning Painting Class

Due to weather conditions the class was held in Deb Clarke’s House. There were three students;  Tom, Liz and myself.

Spot Color Painting was the assignment. Spot color painting is where you pick a color and relate that color to the rest of the painting. Debbie began by giving a spot color demonstration. Tom picked a scene outside one of Deb’s windows, Liz picked a hanging candle lamp and I picked a high shelf with three colored wine glasses and two silver pictures. Deb’s Knowledge of art, painting and color instincts are very inspiriring. The two hours flew by. I can’t wait for next week! Anyone whoever has thought about taking up painting should give it try. Twentyfive dollars is a great deal for the infomation you receive.

Contact Deb at; elli01930@yahoo.com   OR    http://debbieclarke.blogspot.com/

Liz Bish Painting

Deb Critiquing The days results

The Results; Liz's is on the table, Tom's on the bottom left and mine is bottom right