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Stuff I Don’t Get- Why People Stay In Places

There are certain things that I just don’t get.

One of these things is why anyone stays in a horrible ghetto-like neighborhood where there is a ton of drugs and gangs and crime.

What is it that keeps people there?  Like after the first stabbing on my block I’d gather up the belongings and family and hit the road.  Hitchhike or work for food down to Florida and work doubles or triples washing dishes or whatever I had to do to keep food on the table for my family.

The same goes for these war torn countries in the middle east. 

Bomb goes off a block away- “Honey pack up the kids, we outtie!”  It would be that simple a decision for me.

What in the world keeps people hanging around waiting to get their ass blown up?

Not my idea of Home-


Uhmmmm, Yeah, No.