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Sugar Magnolias Knocks it out of Park with Fresh

Just getting back from a successful fishing trip to the other Cape, Sue and I were walking down Main Street Gloucester on a rainy Saturday, hungry. Since I had a cooler of striped bass, bluefish, and fluke, we were not interested in fish since that was all we would be eating this weekend. So when we looked at the Sugar Magnolia’s menu we skipped over the haddock and fries and the crab cakes and other tasty seafood which would have been our first choices. Instead we decided to split the Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap and the Mediterranean Steak Tips with hummus and tabouli served in lavash with side orders of cous cous and quinoa.

So how do you make a crispy buffalo chicken wrap amazing? Everything was fresh down to the lettuce but especially the homade buffalo sauce. This was not a shot of Frank’s Hot Sauce but a fresh made mystery that was tangy and with the crispy of the chicken was over the top. Same goes for everything else. It’s obvious that Sugar Mags makes all their food fresh. How can you get wild about hummus and cous cous? When it’s fresh that’s when. I don’t get out much so I had to ask Sue what quinoa was. Some type of grain but when mixed up with some other stuff it is wicked pissah. Get that side. Oh, and whatever they did to that lavash is sinful. It had to have been on a grill with a little butter and it made the steak tips with whatever the secret sauce just sing.

Sorry, no photos as I was too hungry and by the time I thought of it I had trashed both plates. So I’ll stick in a photo of what happened to the fluke. An 18 inch fish pulled out of the fast moving rip off Martha’s Vineyard.  Sue did a flour dredge, then egg, then panko, then into hot oil. The tortillas got the same hot oil treatment then some fresh salsa and some hot sauce for some tasty fish tacos.

The bluefish is already in a soy, sugar, salt, bay leaf, brining away, and will make it into the smoker then into the Cuisinart for the ever popular Rubber Duck Smoked Bluefish paté in time for next Sunday’s GMG Mug-Up.

Brianmoc Video To Get All You Striper Fishermen Horny

There are some big fish around as Brian shows in this video from May 22-

Brian writes-

42 inch 25+ pound fish Catch & Release Striped bass top water Fishing MA Crane Beach Ipswich Essex 5/22/11 not the first fish of the year but the biggest year. Started my spring fishing with some nice striped bass riding the outgoing tide. This big striper Came up and gulped the jumping minnow down on the first cast. What made this fun was I the rod. I used a 3/8oz – 1oz Temple fork salmon pole 8’6″ or TFO rod. This was not as fat as your avg late season fish but at 25p it was fun fight on light tackle and even bent the vmc hooks. What you are experiencing is a very good tool that if handled right a competent can land very large fish and make fishing for smaller fish that more fun!

Gloucester MA 42 inch Striped Bass Fishing top water 25+ ponnd surfcasting fish video by brianmoc

brianmoc writes-

 Gloucester MA Striped Bass Fishing 42 inch 25+ pound fish Catch & Release, Oct 5th 09.this was a beach fish and was not as fat as your avg Gloucester fish but its running free so it can get fat? you can see Skip Montello in the back ground from OTW & northcoastangler.com getting fish as well.

Pablo- Striper Assasin!

It’s been much slower on the striper front this year compared to last but every once in a while Pablo manages to land one.

God only knows how. He doesn’t hide the hook inside the chunk of herring, he just hooks it right through the side of the herring with the rest of the hook exposed. Most stripers are too smart to fall for that. They are generally very suspicious of anything that does not look natural floating through the water and to land a big fish more times than not you have to carefully plant that hook inside the bait so none of that hook is visible outside of the chunk of bait.

But every once in a while you get that suicidal striper that tosses inhibition to the side and dive bombs at Pablo’s hook.


Pablocito- Striper Assasin!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Rhumb Line Striper Tournament First Place Winner Lou Biondo

Thanks to Story Reed for this report from The Rhumb Line Striper Tournament-

The Fourth Annual Rhumb Line Striper Tournament was held on Saturday, August 2nd. 95 people participated. Fish had to be weighed-in at The Rhumb Line parking lot between 3:30 and 5:00 pm. Roughly 15 fish were weighed-in by the volunteer tournament staff. The rain held off until about 4:30 but didn’t deter any of the participants from having a good time watching the weigh-in and enjoying the barbecue. The Junior Division was won by Conner Quinn with a 17 lb 7 oz Striper. Conner won a rod and reel for first place. Conner also won two raffle prizes and went home with the tournament banner! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes were given out in the Adult Division winning $600, $200, and $100 respectively. 3rd place went to Brady Kain with a 33 lb 1 oz Striper. 2nd place went to Mark Vona with a 34 lb 1 oz fish. 1st place went to Lou Biondo of Gloucester with a huge 39 lb 15 oz fish. It was a great turn out and we hope for an equally fun time next year for the 5th Annual Rhumb Line Striper Tournament.

Story Reed