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A photo of a GMG photographer photographing a GMG photographer

… at the street bazaar!

I bought one of the famous mason jars with straws.  Very handy indeed!

I have lots more, colorful photos of the bazaar. Click here or on the thumbnails for a slideshow.

Fr. Matthew Green

More taekwondo in the streets

These folks impress me no end… From Demetri’s Taekwondo Academy at the street bazaar.See the top piece of the board flying away in the photo below?

I bet her kids say, “Yes, ma’am!” when she tells them to clean their rooms… (although her son was also there breaking things during this demo).

Fr. Matthew Green

Taekwondo on the streets

Now that I am back from my retreat, I need to catch up on processing photos from the previous weekend – including a selection of shots from Demetri’s Taekwondo Academy demonstration at the street bazaar.  The kid in the photo (above) impressed me by splitting a board with one blow… I’ll post more of these cool taekwondo moves throughout the week!

Fr. Matthew Green