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A Gloucester Polydactyl Cat

I came across this handsome polydactyl cat the other day near the rectory here at St. Ann’s Church.  According to various internet sources (including, of course, Wikipedia), “double-pawed” cats are particularly common on the east coast.  Reputedly, sailors prized them as skilled mousers and bringers of good luck.  Historically, they are particularly linked to Boston, from whence they spread to other ports. Hence, their higher distribution in cities like Gloucester.

This particular cat has polydactyly on both front and back feet, which is apparently (according to Wikipedia) fairly rare.  He was also extremely friendly with me, despite my being a total stranger.

According to a member of our parish staff, this cat (he, or maybe she? I’m not sure…) hangs around the church a lot.  Does anybody know to whom he belongs? If he’s a stray, I’m adopting him… (or her, or it, or whatever…)

– Fr. Matthew Green