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Rain this past week melted the snow, revealing more destruction from the 2018 Bombcyclone. Stopping at favorite places along the backshore, the storm surge left in its wake damage to T-wharf, the road is completely washed out at Pebble Beach, and Eastern Point marsh and storm drains are clogged with debris.

T-Wharf, Rockport

Pebble Beach and Henry’s Pond. The storm surged pushed the rocks over the bank and into the road. Saltwater found a path and gushed into Henry’s Pond.

Popples strewn across the lawn and seaweed and debris clogged storm drains.

David Cox Shooting After The Storm on The Back Shore

For lunch yesterday my buddy David Cox and I went down to the Back Shore to catch some of the beautiful scenery for our viewers.  I’m guessing David was up all last night editing his stuff as he normally does.  Here’s David doing what he loves most-