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Nancy Shaw From Lanesville Submits Some Storm Photos and a Deer Hanging From a Tree

Hi Joey!

For some strange reason I receive my Good Morning Gloucester Blog in the evening!  So for me it is a Good Night Gloucester every night before I go to bed.  Thank you for your informative and interesting blog. 

Here are a few pics that I took yesterday in the Northeaster Storm.  Also there is one of a deer hanging in a tree on Rt. 127 going towards Annisquam that I thought was rather different as it is out in public for all to see.  My son who has the award winning Hunter Angler Gardner Cook blog (honest-food.net/blog1/) said it is a spike deer and very good eating.  Although he thought hanging it in the front yard was rather brazen!

Happy New Year!

Nancy Shaw from Lanesville


13th Green Correction [Motel Roof]

GMG subscriber from Indiana indicated it was not the 13th Green but the 3rd green.

To keep up the high standards of GoodMorningGloucester, please accept my apologies.   Play slideshow            

I am including a slide show with additional photos.  Tracey the owner even had insurance adjusters waiting to help her get things back in shape for the summer season.  All the rooms were checked to ensure no further damage occurred.  The major issue was the rubber roof aloft onto the gold course.  The air-conditioners were in bad shape on the roof.  I am also including some photos from trees that came down further down on Atlantic Rd.  Hopefully everyone is back on-line with electricity, and ready for the next burst of weather coming our way.

  “THIRD GREEN” from Indiana