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Man Supports the Arts With Statement to His Ex…

Amazing lengths some people will go to.. Perhaps this guy should have moved on long ago, but no. He buys a house next-door to his Ex and  installs a work of art for her to admire.. A very expensive hand … Continue reading

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Man at the Wheel

Another shot from my photo walk with the photography workshop.  How do you take an interesting photo of something like this memorial that’s so iconic that it’s hard to be original?   It’s not easy, especially on a day with … Continue reading

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Poll results

Well, the results of yesterday’s poll are pretty clear.  The vast majority of those who voted, were of the opinion that I should keep posting on GMG, perhaps including some disclaimer, or commentary when I disagree with something.  That’s pretty … Continue reading

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Joanie On The Pony from Bob Lindberg

Joey: it’s Mike Lindberg’s brother BOB (the dentist)writing. Recently we had family from Tampa in town and showing them around Gloucester and I wanted to show them thevery nice Joan D’Arc statue . When asked “why does Gloucester have this … Continue reading

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Oddities, here and abroad

First, this photo I took in France: Say what? Batman posed like Adam in the “creation” fresco in the Sistine Chapel, with Superman in place of God? In front of a Gothic church, behind the Louvre, in Paris?? OK, now … Continue reading

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Man at the Wheel

  Click on the photo to see it much larger.  It’s interesting how the perspective and panoramic distortion make the the circle of plaques into a straight line, and the convergent lines on the pavement look roughly parallel!  I took … Continue reading

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Joan of Arc

- Fr. Matthew Green  

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Statue in Calvary Cemetery

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Civil War monument

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Joan of Arc rides off into the sunset

The statue is facing the American Legion building on Washington Street in Gloucester.

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7 Days!!!! Saint Peter’s Novena At The Legion

With Cape Ann Brewing moving into the space where the novena had been held, the Novena is now being held at The American Legion. Click here for a link to all of our Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage

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Morning snow Photo From oodja

Morning snow The view from Western Avenue this morning after the Snowpocalypse.

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Our Lady of Good Voyage Statue Series Part I

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Man at The Wheel- Gloucester

  Man at The Wheel- Gloucester, originally uploaded by captjoe06.  

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Our Lady Of Good Voyage Statue At Cape Ann Museum

I’ve been kicking myself for a good long while now for missing the Charlie Lowe exhibit as well as the St Peter’s Fiesta exhibit at Cape Ann Museum.  It had been probably about 30 years since I’d been in the … Continue reading

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More on The Massachusetts Quarter Travesty

I guarantee if you took an unbiased poll of people around the country, the recognition and association of The Man At The Wheel would be overwhelming in relation to some nondescript building in Lowell. But what really gets me is … Continue reading

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