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EJ and Karen Ristuben Get Their SUP On!

EJ and Karen swung by the dock on their SUP vehicles.  When I asked them if they had ever fallen they both replied only once or twice which amazes me and shows just how stable these things are.

To date I still haven’t tried it but I’m really looking forward to the back feeling like it’s not hanging on by a thread so I can get out there.

In the meantime check out the latest from Cape Ann SUP

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Cape Ann SUP adventures Down In South Florida Night SUPing

Tyler Knight submits-

The saga of the NightSUP from Cape Ann SUP continues down in sunny South Florida….

Tyler has taken the fleet and joined forces with a local company from
Ft. Lauderdale called Precision Paddleboards and the mind-blowing
tours continue….

The critters that we’ve seen down here are truly awesome….whether in the intercoastal waterways or out on the open ocean, the results are the same, lots of interaction with beautiful aquatic life.  Squid, Jellies, Sharks, Rays, Manatees, and lots of fish, like Needle Fish and Puffer Fish,..just to name a few…..

We’ve developed a new NightSUP kit which is better, bolder and brighter…..and it’s turning lots of heads all over the country.
Gloucester Harbor was the first place we tested this product, so it seems proper to check in with the GMG family with updates…. especially since it’s a Lobster update…. check out this video from Islamorada…..

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!