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A Magical Moment Just Occurred in my Kitchen


… this share is for all who know the story behind why I hosted my First St. Joseph Altar last year… yesterday while driving to my Cousin Amy’s baby shower my mother Pat,  Aunt Gina Ciaramitaro and I set a schedule for this years St. Joseph’s Day preparations, activities and Feast. Opening your home and hosting a feast for a small army takes precise orchestration and teamwork.  While at the bridal shower I announced the dates to my family members, so they could block off their calendars.  Today  I began sending private text messages to others between preparing Sunday Dinner. While I was preparing twice baked potatoes, I was texting my life long friend Michele Tocco the dates while the potatoes cooled for a moment.  At the same time I began humming to myself The St. Joseph Rosary in Sicilian.  I picked the first potato to cut, and reached for my camera to snap a shot for a future recipe post, an action I do dozens of times throughout my days cooking. I snap a shot depicting the cut, then let the potato fall open in my hand to snap a second shot of the potato halved. To my surprise 2 identical cross shapes appeared on each half…. I could feel a warmth around me.  My eyes filled with tears as I looked up towards the heavens and said out-loud…” So I guess your all happy with the dates we selected for our Families St. Joseph Festivities this year❤️

I like to think of happenings like this to be little  gifts from my guardian angels above. Thank You Grandpa & Grandma with the Wharf, Nono & Nona with the Store, Uncle Mick & Auntie FeFe  Militello  and Uncle Charlie<3